Buying new headset (Xbox One)


I am looking for input on what headset to go for as I have had my current ones for quite a while now and are looking a bit worse for wear.

I am trying to decide between the Turtle Beach XO Gaming Headset and the Turtle Beach XO4 Gaming Headset. The main thing I want to know is if the XO4 Headset is worth the extra £25 or not.

Feel free to suggest other Headsets if you think I would be better off with something else and I am willing to spend no more than £70 so try to keep that in mind.

I would really appreciate the input.

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The X1 brand is quite good:

I was finding that similar 3rd party stuff in that range did not offer any significant improvements unless you were willing to spend more like $200+.


Thanks for the reply I’ll add this to my list.
After reading a few reviews some people have said it drains the batteries in you’re controller quite quickly, has this been a problem for you at all, assuming you own a pair. :smile:


I do. I wouldn’t say its a significant drain. I bought the battery pack about a year ago, and I keep them plugged in all the time (not charged, just connected). I haven’t noticed having to charge up more often. Odds are, those complaints are from people who’ve overcharged, and thus burnt out, their battery. I can’t speak to the effect it has if they’re still using conventional store-bought instead of the official battery pack, which is excellent as it has a light on the connector that tells you when it’s full. The length of the charge wire is pretty good, too. I’m super-anal about not over-charging, as that’s a sure way to murder a battery pack’s lifespan. I normally only charge to about 70%, and that’s good for maybe 30 hours of play. I’ll just plug it in for an hour or so if I’m just watching TV or something where I don’t need the controller at the moment.


Oh ok, that makes sense. I may give these a go then and potentially get a battery pack too.
I was under the impression this headset was just mediocre quality which is why I overlooked them in the first place.
Thanks for the info, you were very helpful. :smiley:


My pleasure! I’m satisfied with them. Audio is very good, though I think it’s just a 2-channel split. I prefer that to simulated surround, though, and a legit 5.1 split in a set of headphones is very, very expensive. They’re comfortable, too. :blush:


Oh, and the mic works well. I plug it into my iPhone, and it works great.


I forgot about the mic, it might be important for talking to people after all. :laughing:
Looking forwards to see how they compare to my current ones.


Yeah, kinda relevant! :laughing: Never had a problem with peeps hearing me or hearing them.


I’ll add too, I’m an amateur music maker, so I have a fair amount of experience with sound, and I like these a lot. They seem balanced, there’s no Super-Bass or any of that bullshit, and the volume controls work well. I sometimes forget to set the chat/sound balance, so that can occasionally inspire a “What the fuck is wrong?” moment. :laughing:


Haha I’ve done that before.
As long as the sound quality is good I’ll be really happy with them, same with the mic. :smile:
I’ll pick up a pair soon and see if I like them.
Again thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


My pleasure! Let me know what you think when you do. Definitely recommend the charge-n-play kit too. Battery packs are something I never buy third-party.