Buying DLC


On PS4, wondering if I buy just the Gorgon now will the 9.99 be subtracted from the price of Hunting Season 2 pack should I decide to buy the whole thing later.


I don’t believe so :L


I’m aware. Just wondering if I buy parts of it first will the whole thing cost less later. I think iTunes does that; if you buy individual songs and then the album later the price you paid for the individual songs is taken off.


I read the question wrong and yeah, like @Btubnfj said, I don’t think so :confused:


Eh, I’m still iffy about Jack though, maybe I don’t know how to effectively use the Survey Satellite


No, the price will stay the same.


Yep, if you buy gorgon seperately (or anything else for that matter) nothing will be deducted from the season pass price.


I see. May as well just get the whole thing then. Thanks everyone.


Can I close the thread then :)?


Your First Close!


Question was answered!