Buying a new character tonight! Who should it be? (Purchased Lennox!)


The possibilities are:


Who is your favorite DLC character(s) at the moment?


I suggest you watch gameplay of these Hunters before you get anyones opinion on it, I personally love Jack, His playstyle fits me the most but some people say it isnt for them which is understandable.

  • Jack
  • Sunny
  • Torvald
  • Lennox

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I love Jack and Lennox! But I prefer Lennox! :assault:


I shall let the community decide! I have watched a ton of gameplay for everyone and I like all the kits.

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If you like eliting things, stay away from sunny…


Look at my Picture O.O
isn’t it gud >.<

(or get Jack in other words :stuck_out_tongue: )


Haha, luckily I don’t tend to focus on that element of the characters


Jack all the way bby!

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I would buy Lennox out of that bunch, personally. I don’t know what you play, or who, but Lennox is a very satisfying hunter to play as.


I have main’d Trapper, with Medic and Support being my secondaries, however I played Markov a ton in a premade over the weekend and I am all for more Assault play.


Lennox is great for getting your hands dirty. I main Trapper and while I like Jack I’m on the fence about him. I really like Crow and Griffin, and while jack can be exhilarating to play, he needs to be a little too close to the action to be at the top of my favourites list.

Torvald, for me, isn’t much fun to play. Even when I get the leading of the mortars right it just doesn’t feel like cause and effect are in sync, it’s slightly unsatisfying in my eyes.

Sunny is great, she’d be my second choice after Lennox, a really useful support for people who like to do something on the battlefield rather than sit back.


Jack is my favorite of those for sure. You can also try them all out in solo mode to see how you like them.


I am glad you mentioned Torvald’s mortars. I have thought leading the monster and predicting where he will go would be very satisfying (that is why I love Maggie’s harpoons so much). Good to know some don’t find it as rewarding as I may have thought


That is a great tip! I forgot about that possibility. However @Sentry_Gun started a poll and now the whole thing is out of my control :smile:


I am headed home from work now. I will be jumping on Xbox One in an hour. I will see where the poll is at then.

If anyone wants to show me the ropes of the community chosen character, my GT is ddSlyMcNastybb

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but its the votes that count this time!


But but… Crow/gobi isn’t an option…?


My preferred roles are trapper, medic, support (in that order), but since Lennox was released, she tops everything else. She’s now my favorite character, only rivaled by Crow maybe. So out of the 4, I’d suggest Lennox!


Already purchased! Pretty sweet character. Still have not had as much play time with him as I would like though. It is hard to not pick Maggie. Her kit is just too good. Maybe Jack will take my #1 trapper spot.


Looks like Lennox tonight! Thanks for the input guys! I am hopping on now if anyone wants to join
X1 GT: ddSlyMcNastybb