Buyer's Remorse


I’m trying desperately hard to enjoy this game, but it’s getting really hard. Every match depends on your Trapper. If he/she is retarded, you will lose. The biggest problem I see in this game is the amount of downtime in between engagements, I swear I’m running around trying to think of ways to fight/cut off the monster more than I am actually fighting it. The game sounds amazing on paper, but in practice…not so much. I’m really trying to enjoy it, but I’m finding it hard to work up the will power to press the “Find Game” button. Is anyone else feeling like this? I know some of you have a BAD case of buyers remorse and just can’t admit it yet. This game should have been a $20 arcade title. I haven’t regret a purchase this much since Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Had to vent. My .02.


Try finding people to play with, also give newer players time to learn how to be a good trapper and it will get better its only been three days. Hope this helps.


only thing keeping me from playing is resets and not having what i paid for. third character unlocks and wraith.


This game is just completely awesome to play, you just have to play with friends, as a team, that is where the fun kicks in, otherwise I’d play the monster to avoid any frustration when playing with a bad team.


Try and look for people who you enjoy playing with. I think there is a forum thread for that. Maybe try looking there if you really can’t find any. This game is absolutely fun when you’re playing with people who knows what they’re doing.


Also maybe pick up trapper yourself if you want to. However, you might end up with a non-healing medic again. Be a bit more patient because the game is just new and people will be getting better.

I agree with what is said above and that is that you should try to find some people to play with. I’ve been enjoying the game with randoms so far even though there were some huge mistakes, but I am sure your experience will improve greatly when you find a group of people to play with…


As NubNoMore said, one good way around it is to run Trapper yourself. It is an important role, and if you want a job doing right… I find that Maggie works well as a team-carrier. Between Daisy, the Harpoon Mines and the nice DPS on her SMG, she can do a lot of work.

As far as buyers remorse goes… I admit, it’s very dependant on the team you get. A bad run can leave you feeling like crap. A good one can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The fact that you’ll sometimes get dumped with the former is just an unfortunate part of multiplayer gaming.


Thanks for the mature responses guys. I must admit I was expecting some…immature reactions. I have had a few “holy shit this is fucking awesome” moments, but then a fellow retard team mate ruins it. I swear to god if I join another game where everyone is following the tracks for 30 minutes, I’ll fucking Kurt Cobain myself.

Evolve: Hansel & Gretel Edition


You payed extra? How much?


I had a game where we almost had a wraith until we had to save a medic “doing the challenges bruh” cause he shot those armored things alone then we lost wraith until it killed us. 1 bar left too.

Edit: point being those things will happen don’t let it get you down.


20 Butterfingers bro.


You got the hunting season pass?


I really enjoy Evolve and have sunk in over 100 hours if you count the alpha and beta. Problem right now is that it’s getting stale where every match is wraith. It’s been 9 matches since I’ve fought a goliath, even more since kraken. No one is really playing for variety and it’s boring.


Well sorry to hear that, but if you play on Xbox one I main trapper and always willing to play with new people.
If not I hope you find some people to play with because this game really is fun.


It’s really not bro. I’ve tried playing with randoms and playing in groups. No matter which way you cut it, the game has WAYYY too much down time. It’s really, really boring. Here is every Evolve game; The monster plays keep away until he hits stage 3. He then comes out and engages the hunters for 60-80 seconds, then the game ends. I’ve tried really, really hard to enjoy this, but I cant. L4D 1+2 mopped the floor with this game. Like I said, great idea on paper, boring as hell in practice. I’m taking it to Gamestop first thing in the morning to get SOMETHING back. I just hope they’re still offering 25 in store credit. Either way, I will be getting something back. Oh well, bad investments happen. Thank god I didn’t purchase the season pass.


I always que trapper as my first hunter choice when going solo. A bad trapper wastes everyone’s time.


As far as the Wraith thing goes, the same thing happened in Beta. The first little while, everybody played Wraith. People started playing Goliath again near the end of Beta, either because everyone felt bad about Wraith, or because they actually wanted to get better at the game. I’d give it a little bit. People have just unlocked the Tier3 characters and want to try them out. In a few days, the monsters should reach an equilibrium again.


It’s not about the Wraith, it’s about Evolve’s core mechanic causing the game itself to be really, really, really boring. I will be stunned if you can find a game 2 months from now. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. That being said, I can’t understand how someone enjoys this game. I’m honestly pretty salty about my purchase.


I do think it’s really fun it will still have a big base in the months to come. I mean not every multiplayer game is for everyone. some people like cod and some like battlefield kinda deal.


Yeah, that’s the only thing I can think of.