Buyable monster-skin problem


Hey folks!

i got a very annoying problem with the new ingame shop buyable monster skins.

i don’t know if im the only one but since they released the wraith/ kraken savage skins in the shop, i don’t get the ingame-buyable monster skins when i buy them (tiger, nemo, sandstone etc)

If i buy them in the ingame shop, it shows “purchased”, if i re-enter the shop, the option to buy the skin is still available… but in my purchase history it says i bought the skin already… so i don’t know what’s wrong with the ingame store, but even the 2k support staff tried to help me, but without success…

I reinstalled the game 3 times now, relinked my my2k acc like 10 times, checked the game cache also many many times, but i can’t get this sandstone skin…

Can anyone help me please ?


Those are all the typical solutions…I’m stumped here, and I’m not sure who to call for this…


What platform are you on?


I’ve lost my skins twice now, and upon panicking and reinstalling (they were never back on the first reinstall, it took 2 installs each time), but they were finally back. I don’t know what causes it, but each time was right after I had dropped into a match.


He’s on PC.


yep mostly happens on PC as i heared …

it’s just annoying cause i had so many chats with the support staff and they wanted screens of my DLC’s etc…

(thing is on steam i don’t see any of the new skins in my DLC list)

could the ingame store be a reason for this issue ? cause all the weapon skins and skin packs on the steam store work without problems…