Buy this game on the cheaps


I’ve seen 100,000,000 threads on this forum that are whining about the price that the moderators are painstakingly cleaning up.

Every time, I point out that the game is cheaper elsewhere if you shop around… So for all of those who have friends who are complaining “I don’t want to pay X price, that’s way too much, DLC, blah blah”… I’d like to share a website with you. I know this is technically advertising, but I figure if it’s for Evolve, it’s for a good cause.

You can get Evolve+Behemoth+Savage Skin for $38.56.
Hunting Pass = $22

Please be aware, this is a brick and mortar store that will get you your CD key within 15 minutes. It’s not like steam or other programs that get you what you want immediately.

They will send you your CD key through email (It went to my junk mail) within 15 minutes.
They accept paypal.

Buying the game this way saves you a ton of heartache and cost frustration. It’s almost half the price of the master race on steam.

So get your friends in on this game! I shared this with mine and went from having nobody that played it, to having a full party of 5 every night! Friend participation may vary…

And good hunting!