Buy In to Beta?


Pretty sure its not just me willing to.
Would pay $100 to play earlier than oct.


I remember a time when I would’ve payed a heap to get halo or gears of war early, but patience is the key. It’s like when i was a kid and saw a christmas present early and got it a month before, it didnt feel as good for some reason IMO


I wouldn’t be willing to pay $100 for early access but some sucker…er …um… fan might.

Would still love to have at it now, but then again optimization and what not might just ruin the experience anyway. Lag and server hosting probably wouldn’t be up to snuff to really make for a fun engaging experience.

Personally I think there won’t be enough content for folks to dig into early, it is after all a pvp game, and if you’re charging 100 for early access your player pool is extremely limited… and if they do play it’ll affect the meta and the initial play experience people will have is a few early access pros wrecking folk.

So ya, its an odd equation of whats worth paying for it, vrs whats it worth it to them to show an incomplete product to folks who could then give negative word of mouth or just ruin the surprise for other folks… To me it appears that they’re going for a very closed media campaign with very tightly controlled information and gameplay vids, so I don’t really see it happening.

I mean I get the sense that this is sorta traditional keep the reigns on things marketing until its a pretty package to present etc.

I guess content producers and esports teams could invest early and maybe get hooked up but that would be a different thing all together.


I haven’t had good experiences with Steam Early Access. Sure sounds cool, but I’ve only been disappointed with crash bugs and severely unfinished content. I’m not sure why Minecraft was such a better experience for me even in its very early stages. Maybe because even when it was technically alpha, it still felt solid and like a complete experience.

I don’t know how Evolve would compare. I feel confident about it because we’ve been playing Hunt for years and loving it. I can play it all night in the same way that I used to play Counter-Strike. But that’s me. I don’t know if or how that experience would change for people outside of the studio.

I suppose we’ll get a glimpse in the beta. :smile:


When it comes to what sorts of games are good for early access I guess it depends.

I’ve been disappointed by early access games… I don’t really see the same style of disappointment happening with a game that’s going to launch in Oct.

I think Natural Selection 2 had some form of early access, and they helped key in the multiplayer with some core fans.

Might be useful for this sorta genre of game.

Just depends if you can crunch the numbers and think its worth doing.


One thing with Beta is you don’t want to let enough people in so the community gets bored of the Beta and they think oh the whole game is out? Nah I’m bored of it… One example of this is Rust they sold huge in alpha/beta but now people are really bored of it and it’s hard to say if it will get popular again.


Dislike how they cater to Xbox crowd in hopes of selling Xboxs.


As much as I want beta access, I too have had poor experiences with Early Access…if I had to choose I’d rather just wait till release I think, Early Access seems to draw the development of these games out forever too.


While I’d love a beta too, I don’t wanna deal with “Apex did this, Apex did that” I’ll get to the top when it comes out anyways. :wink: