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After helping rank up my level 5 brother on evolve, I can sufficiently say I am spoiled with my 3 star jetpack perk. A perk does make a difference in matchmaking, and why not offer a way to cut the grind involved in the perk system?

I propose a $2-$3 dollar option to unlock all the perks in the store. It would work similarly to the instant tier 2 and tier 3 hunter unlock pack, and give a small boost to the play of the lower levels.

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Most likely because it would, as you say, make a difference in matches. He would be low level with good perks. If he gained levels he would be matched up with players that have more play time/experience and it would hurt his matches as well. (Not that I’m saying higher level denotes better skill or anything) Just my 2 cents. Not for or against the idea, just thinking on how it would affect others.

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That is P2W (Pay 2 Win) something that Evolve was accused of when it launched so I don’t think actually doing it would be wise…


Better idea: do away with game-affecting unlocks entirely. Just my $.02, anyway.


Would ruin the game for new players, everyone restarting now would buy damage perk and wreck newbies with monsters, so I’d say no

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Lol, that is not pay to win. Its pay to save time. That is different. It would be pay2win if it was a 4th star only accessible by money…

@seto If you are an experienced player and you restart your account or create a different account, you will be able to kick everyones ass since your experience is higher. I created a new account a while ago to play with my lower level friends since when they partied with me,a lvl 40, we always go against lvl 40’s. Well, lets just say it was not so fun for them so I created a new account and we got matched into closer lvl people. But lets just say, me as an experienced medic at that low level, even without any buffs or perks, was more than most monsters could handle. It was fun though :smile:

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I can definitely see how it might be seen from that point of view. However unlocking perks is not going to let a level 5 buying it suddenly start winning against level 40’s 30’s 20’s or even players in their level 10’s. Rather it is meant to cut the 5-10 hours of evac grinding necessary to unlocking all the perks in the first place

yeah, so people can post about that and say “Look, more proof that Evolve is a money grab!! They’ve started selling perks you can unlock in a few hours worth of gaming!! They’re just trying to squeeze as much money out as possible before ditching!!” …

I don’t think Evolve needs this. The only ones that can actually tell how different it is are people that have had the perks before and are now playing with the 1star ones.

I’m against it because it’ll just add more fuel to the fire for people claiming evolve is P2W.

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No but it gives you an advantage over other people the same level as you. And there was no way to get it other than paying.

It gives you a competitive advantage over other people the same rank as you through a means that requires payment to achieve.

If a lvl 1 was going against a lvl 1, yes. But match making puts a lvl 1 against a lvl3 or a lvl 5 or even 10. So, now what? That lvl 10 person could have 1 monster and 5 hunters elited. So, in that aspect, it keeps the lower lvl people a better chance.

You can always bump up the lvl in the cost too to keep it from people abusing lower lvl people.

I’m not sure of the numbers but I don’t believe a lvl 10 can have that many elites. The exp would put you higher. The main thing is, especially if they raise the level cap and then add a ranked mode, if a person can run in there and spend $X and have all the same perks as the person who earned them by leveling up, it’s P2W.

It doesn’t have to grant a huge advantage, but it is P2W.

Don’t forget about buying 1/2 of the stars from the hunter quest app. I had every hunter elited by lvl 28 I think and 1 monster.

Correct however the app is free so that isn’t P2W. I got through the whole app and didn’t spend a dime on it. I also got the masteries done rather quickly too.

right, just saying with that, someone could have the a lot of elites at lvl 10 and still be matched against lvl 1’s

Oh damn, you’re right. Lol sorry I was a little slow there.

If you’re a new player, you won’t know the difference between a 3 star perk and 1 star perk. You build up to it, so it only feels better as you rank up. I can imagine a new player boasting a 3 star jetpack recharge when his teammates are not wouldn’t be thinking too much of it and be many meters in front of his team. They might not understand jetpack management like a higher level would, or just be physically incapable of keeping up with their 1 star, and it would probably feel crappy and turn out badly.

How about a low level monster player running the 3 star damage perk against a Hank or Val with only beginner (1 star) on his gear? A newbie 1 star monster fighting against 3 star damage reduction, or 3 star movement speed/jetpack/reload (dome) Trapper?

It just seems like something that could make learning the game more frustrating than necessary. It’s a nice idea, but I personally don’t think it should be a store option.

And like others mentioned, when this game is already bashed for its DLC and other in-store choices after purchasing the game ($60, or maybe $30 on sale, for the game and then $2~$5 for any skins you want and $25~ for every new tier of characters). I do not mind the costs myself, but many people do. If they saw something like that, no matter how cheap, it could reflect badly.


10 char.

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