Button Layout


Just a simple suggestion that I would really like it if I could map my buttons to how I specifically want rather than using the 5 or so PRESET “custom” layouts…

For Example…

I really like to use L1 and R1 and my Aim and Shoot/Fire but there isn’t even a layout with that format.

I find it terribly hard to use my PS Vita to Remote Play this game without L1 and R1 as Aim and Shoot/Fire… PLEASE fix! =] It’d be awesome!!!


Is there no button mapping on your platform? That sucks. :confused:


Consoles do not allow for button mapping unfortunately.


Well that sucks. :confused:


I recall someone from Bungie saying (in terms of Halo) that custom mapping required additional QC time for glitches and exploits. I don’t recall the post entirely though.


Consoles beat themeselves again.

But no, seriously, that’s a bad thing about consoles. It would be great to be able to do that, but it might not even be possible.


There are 3rd party controllers that allow you to map buttons I think (not positive). But it’s never been an issue for me personally.


The future PS4 update is rumoured to allow you to make buttons in any way you want on your controller.


Now that this feature is available on all platforms, does anyone have any good suggestions as to what customizations are more comfortable to you other than the default? I’m thinking about customizing my PS4 button layout but I don’t know what I should do off the top of my head.


I may look into moving the evolve button to a d-pad button so I’m not meleeing or eating when try instead. I keep forgetting to try this new feature.


That’s actually a really great idea for the Monster since those buttons don’t get used anyway. Thank you! :smile:


That’s what I did. I love it!

I also tried moving melee and climb/eat to the bumpers, but I’d keep forgetting and ended up using abilities instead of melee.