Button delays


I played a really decent game of hunt for a change, was competitive, Bad thing is if you are being timed the game should have the option to have a timer in the corner of the screen, especially playing as monster, I tend to forget i am being timed and then realize when it lets you know towards the end. by then its a bit late, Why dont I remember the timer limit? because not very often i get a game of hunt online :/confused: so im focused on evolving and staying alive.

Even though it was another game I lost again i enjoyed it as I was actually playing real people instead of bots. but in a game where every second counts when you play monster it had its slight issues,

Controller to reaction time from the monster, I had to hit trigger 3 times atleast to get goliath to swing, I was killing the medic and it only would have taken 2 smacks and he was done, but nope, Goliath wouldnt swing and support came to the rescue of the medic by then, thus me having to run again to get armour.

I am using a Steam controller at the minute but I found that the Xbox 1 controller was the very same. So is it a controller Issue I just have to deal with or is it a game issue. Its not a major issue it can be very annoying though when it decides to not work at the pivotal point of a battle .

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback cheers


there seems to be a bit of an annoying delay on the feeding for mosters ATM also it’s a long enough delay from pressing button to eating to let the chase comp catch up and stop eating altogether


This would rightfully belong in the bug category. :wink:


yea I pressed the wrong button and wasnt finished writing it lol


some maps are so small especially one with the reactor at the center of the map, these little delays add up, Like in this game i snook around about 80% of the time, trapper didnt have to do a thing to find me though because them stupid bits every single time I ate something they flew down, then your left with no room to flank the team if close so it just run for it and hope for the best. The birds shouldnt be as often, I have notice that feeding lag at times, and nothing else interupt you feed its them stupid monky thing scratching at your ass!

Its just enough to delay and stop you feeding, killing them takes time and they dont give you much :confused:


Honestly, it sounds like you need to play more aggressively. Sneaking is great but it definitely does eat up a lot of time. Consider taking Movement speed as your perk if you sneak a lot, and once they’re off of your trail you can start running again. Sneaking is wonderful but only use it to throw them, then work on getting distance or you won’t be very far away when you inevitably get birds. Birds are totally inevitable too, don’t scare them if you can help it but don’t be too disheartened when the carrion birds come.


Cheers, yea i tend to stay away from hunters as much as possible due to mainly finding it hard to distinguish who is who as far as class goes, when your being shot and exploded around all the flashing around smaller targets is rediculously awkward to define who is who, so I try sneak and avoid confrontation alot trying to reach level 3