But Which Assault is Really the Best


I can tell that this thread will be moved but honestly we need new threads not movements to old ones because they are outdated. Anyway, I’d just like to hear why each assault is the best. People usually say Lennox and Matkov are crap, but I honestly think Blitz Markov sucks, although people say blitz and Parnell are the best. I think Parnell is the best because the high damage output and mobility. Parnell also has range which only Hyde also has. I haven’t even played Torvald but people say he’s useless. I think assaults are balanced, why are some assaults so much better than others?


Who says Torvald is useless?! O_o He’s one of the best Assaults.

Hyde and Markov are your reliable and consistent assaults

Lennox, Parnell and Torvald are your burst assaults

I think they’re all good for their own things. Depending on the monster being faced, different ones will come out on top for various reasons.

If I had to choose a BEST, it would probably be Hyde, since he works well with all monsters, has various applications with his kit (prevention of eating, attacking relay, burns, ability to work well with multiple perks).

In terms of damage, Torvald would be best, since he doesn’t require chasing the monster around too much like Lennox (however, Lennox is just as effective against a monster that must focus on other hunters, such as a Laz or RV).

Parnell is good for pressure, since he can run MS, and having him close on the Evolve is not very nice at all.

And yes, Assaults are pretty well balanced, which is why there is difficulty in picking an absolute best. They all work well with the rest of the comp also complements the pick.


Some assaults (as well as other classes) are more effective during certain situations or matchups. But to say one assault is better than the other is purely subjective.


This usually only happens when there is several repeat threads over a short period of time, like when Gorgon came out, there were ~5 new Gorgon threads a day for a while. The custom Hunter/Monster threads are different, though. If we didn’t lump them together, we’d have hundreds of new threads all about custom Hunters, which won’t ever get looked at by the devs. Just to save space, really. Individual discussions about different things get left alone.

On Topic, however:

None of the Assaults are better than the others. It depends on the person. I, for example, dislike using Hyde the most and prefer Markov, however, I like Torvald and Parnell more, as they’re capable of higher burst damage. Lennox is seen as lesser because her high levels of attack can be shut down relatively easily. I have little experience using her, though, to rate her accurately. The Markovs are just mid-tier all around, nothing special, but not bad, either.

It also depends on how you play them and the situation you’re in. Blitz/Markov have the best time against Kraken because their secondaries are highly accurate at range, while Hyde can struggle without a good Trapper on the team. Likewise, Torvald punishes Behemoth because it’s harder for him to avoid the Mortars, while Markov does less than satisfactory damage to him, as Bob denies mines with every ability and resists 50% of his AR damage.

Nobody has the same experiences, though, so “best” turns out to be subjective and reflects “favorite” more than anything.


It really does come down to the monster and others on the team. Over all I think Parnell and Hyde are my favorites, though I do tend to overlook Markov’s usefulness at times when I shouldn’t he is very good to have on a team for defend. Also I find Hyde to be very good in Nest against the eggs.


Torvald is my favorite Assault, though I don’t play the class much. I find Hyde does well in all the game modes, but it’s specifically Kraken that’s his weak point. I also don’t like the way he plays, it’s odd for me.


I don’t play much Assault either, I seem to get too aggresive when I do. I’m best with Medic and Trapper.


Yeah, don’t know when to back off, myself. Abe, Slim and Kala are my current favorites and Abe/Slim are my best roles.


Same here I tend to go in and don’t stop. Though when I do play assault, usually solo I have come to like Hyde and his flame thrower, plus his talk about meltin faces is just so funny to me. The Vals are by far my favorite and Abe has become a second favorite because of the challenge. I think I should give Crow a look now.


I think Markov/Blitz is the safest assault to play as. He does fairly well against all monsters and his kit allows him to be flexible in his playstyle.


Assaults that punish aggressive are imo the best assaults. Hyde, Parnell, and of course Torvald are some of the best for that. Now, Markov, Blitz, and Lenny are fine in their own right, but they have some serious drawbacks against heavy aggro monsters.

Markov will do the deeps over the course of a dome, no doubt, but he feels to have a lowish damage cap ((unless the monster steps on a mine which is his fault not your success)).

Blitz Markov ON PAPER looks great! However, his beam is very easy to break, and a monster that’s paying attention ((unless they’re say bob)) won’t be taking the full force of his lightning gun ((or his mines)). Now, when you say the same for a monster paying attention to a Torvald… Well, I think Torvald sends a lot more mortars out, and it’s harder to tell exactly when to pull out. Mortars arn’t a shiny gold consistently bringing down your health. They’re much dicier to avoid.

Lennox is actually excellent against aggressive aggressive Goliaths and Behemoths, but imo she has trouble damaging Wraiths, Krakens, and Gorgons. That’s assuming that they don’t mitigate the whole dome. She also has a slew of composition problems due to her being a very melee orientated Assault.

  • Markov
  • Blitz Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox

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Torvald: Because he can combo his abilities (Grenade, Mortar, Shotgun, Repeat) to deal out the most damage


Tough, but I would say Torvald is the greatest of Assaults ((sorry Hyde)). Torvald has aspects of both Hyde and Parnell. He can flush a monster out of cover with mortars like a stink nade. He punishes aggro from monsters with his mortars in a similar fashion to Parnell. It’s more consistent peels, but not as strong for the short period of Super Soldier.

Almost anything you can do, Torvald does better. Torvald does anything better than you.


I think you meant sorry @ToiletWraith, she might hurt you, or even worse


We shall meet in verbal combat then. It will make the greatest of forum songs.


There isn’t really a best because of reasons. The same reasons that the others have already said and went through.

The most reliable is Hyde. Good consistent damage and can surprise a Monster’s health if they linger in a Toxic Nade and Flamethrower for too long.

Torvald is a fun pick but should the Monster be Kraken and fly about like crazy the Mortars will be near useless. Although using Capacity Perk and snagging a Damage Bonus Buff makes the Minions weep for mercy.

Actually Torvald really gets a big kick out of Capacity on his Shotgun. Good Shrapnel hits and good aim with the Shotgun can still yeild good damage with the shotgun alone.

I’ve never feared a Parnell… like… ever. Only ever been killed by one once and that was when I was “Entry Level” into competitive play on Evolve within a few weeks of release.

Markov’s are the second most reliable but again Kraken makes his Mines useless and Blitz Tesla damage gets easily canceled by a quick change in direction on the Kraken or a Vortex.

Lennox? I like her a lot but again… Kraken. It’s like trying to punch a bird that shoots lightning at you… fat chance of it happening. Maybe if Aftershock didn’t cancel her Plasma Lance?

So yeah Hyde is by far the most reliable. But… everything is subjective.


My team uses Torvald religiously. In the hands of a great person, he is awesome. The skill level on him is insane.



Actually truth be, I think Torvald is the best of su- I almost wrote supports, Assaults- Hyde is probably most reliable as a lot have said.


Haha! I tend to mix up saying Assaults and Supports all the time when I talk about them


I think best assaults are Lennox and blitz Markov. Because there weapons multiply damage, and if monster hits them once it resets multiplier.

So people who are really good with lennox and blitz Markov have really really really good dodging\jetpack management, they can keep there multiplier up while dodging monster.

Out of all the assaults. I say the hardest ones to kill are Lennox, and blitz markov. And they can punish you for ignoring them and also punish you for trying to hard focus you. But that’s only if there really good Lennoxs and blitz Markov’s.