Burst Fire or Full Auto? (Maggie and Griffin)


Hi all- quick question I’ve been meaning to ask; I’ve always used short, controlled bursts with Maggie/Griffin’s SMG, thinking that the accuracy drop-off would hurt my damage output. However, after trying a few matches just holding down the trigger, I’m not sure. Obviously at point blank you want to just unload, but what about at range?


Maggie: Burst, helps control accuracy
Griffin: Just lay it on, that thing is pinpoint without even ads


Griffin’s is definitely full auto. Not sure about Maggie it’s been a while.


Maggie= Burst from a distance, lay it on if really close.

Griff= Lay it on.


Try tapping the fire button with Maggie its crazy good, I’ve seen some people use it on ESL before. Forgot who though.


For Griffin, full auto. Always. Thing has godly accuracy.


My former team’s trapper always burst-fired it. He was the former number one on the X-box, and his damage was always consistently insane for a trapper.


Step 1: Spam ADS
Step 2: Hold Fire
Step 3: Win with aimbot

I jest, I jest ^.^


If you’re prey is far away: Short controlled bursts. If you’re up-close, lay-on my friend!


what is all this talk about aim assist.

Does it work on PC?


Yep, plug in a controller then spam ads at a monster and its like aimbot, you’ll never miss and youll deal insane damage


And I thought Titanfall had bad aim assist.


Maggie: Always burst. You’ll get more bullets in the monster, which equals more damage.
Griffen: FULL AUTO! KEEP SHOOTING UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF AMMO! Oh wait, you have infininte ammo. :wink:


We do not endorse this…I think it’s poor sportsmanship. @Quirkly I better not catch you doing this!


~Cough~ Monsters don’t have aimbot ~Cough~


You can’t play monster all of the time.


You can when you play customs :smiley:
Don’t worry Sledge, I’d never abuse a broken mechanic, 'specially one that hurts my fellow monster players :cry:


The monster fuckhueg, I just put the entire clip into the bastard for at least all of them will hit. That younger teenage hormone filled military wannabe part of my brain keeps telling me to double tap tho.


Pro tip: Use Abe up close instead! :stuck_out_tongue: