"Buoy" and "Spike"


Literally every single time EMET says “buoy”, the subtitles say “spike”. I don’t really think it’s a bug since its so consistent, but I didn’t know where else to put it, and since I’m kind of a stickler for this sorta thing, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.



When ever we hear him say buoy and it says spike we kind of just sigh and say, “Evolve…”


honestly out of all the characters i feel emet has the most lines where the subs don’t match at all. i don’t quite remember but i believe i vaguely recall him having a line which was just completely different from what the subs said. my son can’t read his lines out loud correctly : (


Other characters I noticed have differing lines as well. Can’t remember off the top of my head but Emet is the worst offender.


I believe Torvald has one word he says wrongly.


get rekt



In the evolve universe they pronounce spike, “buoy”.

:stuck_out_tongue: lol



Can we all agree that healing totem is better? :emetoh: :heart:


No Nono no no no no. No.

I’m triggered now. This is a totem:


I remember this being brought up when he was first released and someone from TRS explained that originally, they were called spikes, but the subs just never got updated.

Side note: I hate subtitles.