Bunch of whiny...(insert profanity here)


That’s right… Most of the people in here have their tongues so far up people’s arses they can’t read a legitimate post without resorting to name calling and being teenagers.

I came on here to simply say that the game wasn’t for me anymore and gave my reasons for doing so and because of that, had numerous hateful replies.

Maybe one day these people will get their heads out of their arses and realise that they are complete pri cks and that to so defiantly defend a game that, even with all the love and attention, will be obsolete in a few months, is an exercise in futility.

Come at me Bro…And what. X


From my experience, these forums are more often than not very well-mannered. So unless you said something stupid to piss everyone off, I have my doubts about your story. I can already tell by reading this post that your way of explaining your opinion is probably undesirable.

Additionally, most of us here are getting pretty sick of the “I’m not buying/playing this game anymore” threads. So it’s not unlikely that by the time you decided to post your opinion, the patience of these forums had more or less run out for that topic. While your at it, post another “Wraith is OP” thread and see what happens.


Why couldnt this post go in that thread?


It got locked, I would imagine.


I should have guessed that due to the nature of his post. That is my bad I feel dumb now. Lets lock this one too.




Oh, you mean this hate?

Find more friends, I’ve made at least 8 now, need to track down 2 or 3 more. Expand your social horizons.

Or this one

See ya.

I get your legitimate concern though.

Or this

I’m sorry you feel this way and I wish you the very best on what your next adventure may be.

Or do you mean the people that DEFENDED you in the post when one person posted something toxic?

You did not have numerous hateful replies, go reread your own topic.


He asked for the post to be locked when people started replying. Though I’m not sure why he continues to reply. He already clearly said he traded the game and was glad to get at least some his money back (the part that made his post look negative) not sure why he’s still here. His main gripe was not having friends to play with. Not understanding his line of reasoning though. Step 1, whine about game. Step 2, whine about people in thread, step 3, make new thread calling out the same people? (Maybe he’s not that bright).


Your last thread detailed why you were leaving the game. You seemed sadly resolute. But you also mentioned that you felt Evolve would simply die out anyway. It was closed because it got to be inappropriate. When words are said like that, many people tend to get defensive. I understood your reasons and thought you covered your opinion about the matter, however, not sure why you’re mentioning this here in a new thread. I hope you do stick with Evolve though because I do not see it dying out anytime soon in the least, and you should be able to make more friends with which to form a pool of players on.

You saying “come at me bro” in this is just begging for a negative response, so due to that, I am closing this thread to avoid what went down in the last one. No hard feelings.


Yeah one person though I’m pretty sure he counts those who say "well enjoy call of duty and we’ll goodbye then).