Bumblebee - Official Teaser Trailer (2018), John Cena, Hailee Steinfeld


Just noticed the massive continuity fuck up in that trailer scene above this post, and now I can’t unsee it


It won’t be the only one…


Sooo, they are making a transformers movie where the transformers look like… transformers… wth? im cufused. is that legal?


its like they didn’t know how to transform the helicopter.


The fact that they fixed the Primus-awful character design is enough to make me hopeful; and the director being the same guy behind Coraline doesn’t hurt, either. For the first time since I was a kid who didn’t really understand movies, I’m actually excited for a Transformers film. I laughed a little at the trailer. This looks less like a shameless Hollywood cash-in and more like something made by people who want to actually adapt Transformers into something more up-to-date. I actually want to see this movie. I’ve been hopeful since they made Bumblebee back into a round friendly boy, but now I’m seriously on board and I hope the franchise keeps this direction going forward.


I’m pretty sure the guy directing this was just the art director for Coraline, right? He did direct Kubo and the Two Strings I think, though, which from what I remember was incredible from an animation standpoint but storywise was pretty lackluster.


This is the movie where the chick wants to bang the car right?


I think getting someone who has spent their profession working out how to make each frame of a film perfect is an inspired choice for a franchise like this.


Nah, you’re thinking of a movie called “The Shape of Engine Oil.”


You do have a point. I’m still not hopeful though, which isn’t the fault of the trailer or anything, just the terrible previous movies still shadowing any hope I have for this one.


I really didn’t like the other transformers movies, I thought they were horrible on just about every level. The framing and just… well generally, the clearly more professional approach to at least showcasing what’s going on makes me interested in giving it a chance.


I liked them enough… This jump into its backstory will be interesting… or is this considered an actual hard reboot?


I think this is, for now, considered a soft reboot only and still… for now… within the same story that Bay told.


While old, the article has merit. If the universe reboots, I am in. The last I liked TF wise was Fall Of Cybertron and that was way too long ago for my tastes.