Bumblebee - Official Teaser Trailer (2018), John Cena, Hailee Steinfeld


The first one wasn’t ‘that’ terrible tbh. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. The rest took a fairly sharp drop though.


The first movie was pretty damn good


The first one I’ll agree, wasn’t as bad as the others. It was pretty solid and watchable.


There have been some changes to the bumblebee movie as well as some new info. 2 new decepticons have been revealed. Dropkick and Shatter. Shatter is a female decepticon, which I think is pretty cool. Also, Starscream is no longer in the movie. Yup, the new Starscream replacer is Blitzwing. All three of these Transformers have been confirmed as being Triple-changers.

Now, the confirmed transformer list so far is:
Bumblebee (obv)

Just in case anyone is still interested…



I’ll probably end up taking my kiddos to see it, but I’ll never forgive what they did to Grimlock.


Hot damn do those new designs look good. A more realistic take on the G1 transformers. They really should turn this into some kind of reboot if it turns out to be good. Scrap the michael bay shit and go in that direction.


Just fix Grimlock and I’ll be happy.


The whole Transformers franchise was turn into Mexican soap opera with Hollywood budget and with script written on toilet paper during lunch time.

Actually, story wise it’s like a porn: the plot exist purely as an excuse for CGI robots to kick each other’s ass. But even that is boring. Come to think of it, even Power Rangers are an Oscar material compared to Transforms.


It exists to sell toys. That’s why it was created.


Toys were selling even before the first movie. And this isn’t excuse for lack of script.


Transformers will never be a deep or thought provoking movie series. People literally want to giant robots fight.

I would not be upset by a movie that dove into serious topics but that won’t happen because that isn’t what the majority of people who see the movie want. Bayformers pretty much proved that.


And by “they” I was referring to the Transformers themselves, not the movies.



I’m looking forward to this one, I’m ok with dumb action movies, but more importantly the director for this movie has real solid credentials behind him on the animation front. I think it was a brilliant hiring decision to bring someone in that knows how to direct stop motion animation, he’s going to have an eye for framing this stuff (as the latest trailer, I think, shows) that will suit the franchise really well. I hope that turns out to be the case, for the franchise sake!



I’m going to hold onto my grudge until they fix what they did to Grimlock. #Unforgivable


What did they do to it?