Bumblebee - Official Teaser Trailer (2018), John Cena, Hailee Steinfeld


They have a different director


It could be good, but at this point any of my enthusiasm for Transformers has been completely drained by the most recent movies.


Oh no.



RIP Bernie Mac


Origin stories for crappy movie based characters based off of toys from several decades ago. OOOOOH BOY!



So is this Shape of Water but with a robot? :joy:


Glad I’m not the only that noticed that


The Shape of Bumblebee.


When bees dream, Electric Boogaloo 2



Star Scream is villian? ANd it looks very good.



Hush you…




I’m watching you


I think this film is going to be great. Kicking Michael Bay out of the director’s seat was a step in the right direction after the weird story change The Last Knight brought up. And their models are INCREDIBLE! STARSCREAM DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A DORITO ANYMORE! HELL YESS


That was my biggest issue with the design of the transformers in the bay movie, they were just plain ugly (amazing models) but ugly and I had hard time remembering who was who they all look so similar


None of the Transformers movies are good at least in my opinion. Massive tin cans banging against each other were cool a few years ago but not anymore. The movies - they are very, very average, and the humor is … it’s just … god I don’t want to talk about it.

Now the animated series is actually worth watching.