Building up a squad (Xbox One) (Not accepting at this point)


My main role right now is goliath since I usually have a hard time with other players as hunters. With the hunters I’m good with the medic and the assault. I’m looking for players that main in any role. That’s right, I’m looking to at least get 5-7 people in this squad just for some reserves while the other members are offline. I only ask for people to fulfill their roles and use every class ability effectively, because I’ve seen some medics that think they’re the assault.

We could also use this thread as a place where we could just chat and/or to keep in touch and other things.

Send me your gamertags and I’ll add you as soon as possible. My GT is XseemslegitX

Current members:

  • XcodeX (GT: Xseemslegitx) [Assault and Medic]

  • Nineneji (GT: Ninenejii) [Trapper and Medic]

  • Capnflacid (GT: Swiftpup4574272) [Support and Assault]

  • Hayabusa (GT: stellartiger) [Trapper and Support]

  • XMurrK (GT: x M u rr K) [Assault and Medic]

  • Videogamer954 (GT: Videogamer954) [Support and Medic]

  • (GT: Attacktheheart) [Trapper and Support]


Hey put me down as a reserve I am also looking for some good games and im also tired of the pub matches I main Trapper but also like using medic and support
My gamer tag is Ninenejii



I play Hank and Parnell. I’m always on and am pretty good imo.


I’ve added you to the roster. I’ll send you a friend request tomorrow morning if I can.

Looking forward to matches with you later on.


Got you down. I’ll send you a friend request by tomorrow as well. We could play our first match tomorrow if we’re all available.


sounds good looking forward to it I won’t be on much in april but after that you’ll see me on way more


That’s okay. This is why I’m allowing a few more members than usual to join just in case if some members are busy and can’t make it.


I’m on now if anyone wants to play


Hey bud! Feel free to add me, My strongest roles are Trapper/Support; I have been playing since the beta, and I think I’m pretty solid overall. Looking forward for some games! :slight_smile:

GT: stellartiger


lol just curious what’s everyone’s time zone I’m Eastern Time (Canada) 6 am


Eastern Time US for me


Me and Capnflacid are both pacific time, united states. We played a couple of matches but against horrible monster players lol. I think we all solved our problem with public players.

Adding you right now to the roster. I’ll send you a friend request when I get back online tomorrow.


Add me o.o

Gt ValkyrieRequiem

I main Trapper and assult and play a mean Behemoth. Flexible in all roles though.


Add me LeadedSubset I’m rank 60 global kraken also I rank 190 global overall I can play anything tho I prefere medic/trapper


Gamertag : Videogamer954

I can play all roles, with my preference being in this order. (Monster is tied with Support.)

  1. Medic
  2. Support
  3. Assault
  4. Trapper

{Kinda at Chicago rn tho}


Gamer tag is x M u rr K. I prefer to play as medic or assault but I honestly don’t mind which role I end up in. I consider myself a pretty competent team player. Also yes I do have a mic but I rarely use it


You’ll be alright in this squad. Send me your gamertag and I’ll accept you as soon as possible.

Accepted. I’ll add you to the roster as well.

Accepted as well. I’ll add you to the roster. We could play a few matches if you’re available today.


Gt is G man Red Mist.
i usually play support (mainly hank)


GT: CracklyClover86

Class and Character Pref in order
Trapper - Maggie, Griffin, Crow, Abe
Support - Bucket, Sunny, Hank, Cabot

Definitely looking to jump into some customs after over 3 months with random MM


Im on right now so message me and I’m CrimsonNight646 also assault and support.