Building the Competitive scene in Evolve


Just to throw something out there for TRS/2K should the Evolve twitch channel start hosting showmatches between teams on their Friday stream? Maybe get involved directly to trying to at least form some sort of competitive scene.

Add some sort of cash incentive for the winner each week. I’m suggesting this because I hear on several occasions from streamers they play for ‘team x’, but I have no idea who these teams are and who the players are. Having these weekly showmatches would build exposure and show some really high level gameplay and show what Evolve is capable of.

Hi-Rez did this with Smite and it’s worked out pretty well for them since they’re the 3rd biggest MOBA now behind LoL and Dota 2 since they were pretty aggressive and involved in building their scene.

At the moment 2K’s marketing isn’t utilizing their channel a whole lot.


Sounds great. Only thing is actually getting the cash prizes, but even then, sounds great.


Cash prizes would be provided by TRS or 2K.


I know that, but don’t companies hate using cash for this? I don’t know, I’m going off experience from my own boss/company… Although it is a car depot…eh.


Doesn’t Riot, Valve and Hi-Rez provide cash prizes on their official tournaments?


Riot and Valve do, I don’t know much about Smite’s tournies but I’m sure it’s similar.

Riot though gets most of it’s cash for prizes from LCS views though.


Hi-Rez basically sold cash shop items I think and put a portion of those profits to the prize pool towards their Worlds Tournament and it was $2,612,260 in the end, higher than even LoL’s prize pool.


people moaning about dlc when it might end up back in their pockets if they git gud


I think getting a ranked system in place though would help build a scene as well though, let the players take part in it then pull teams from the top rankings and do these weekly streams.

I think Evolve has great potential as an esport, more so than most shooters because it’s fun to watch which is paramount with esports.


It’s more about utilizing their channel more for promoting the scene to entice more people to get involved. Right now with the game launched it needs another purpose since they’re passed the focus of promoting the game.


If its going to be every friday, they can make a special set of skins for people who win the tournament. Its easy, cheap and pretty much free for trs compared to cash prizes


To be fair, there’s little reason for people to seriously invest time into a game on a competitive level if there’s no cash incentive. Would you participate in a large tournament that requires you to travel to another city and the prize was just a skin instead of a $50,000 prize pool?

Of course it’s not going to be that large amount of money in the start but you get my point.


League of legends has dreamhack, we’re talking about something thats online weekly or monthly.

Of course there needs to be a cash incentive for a large tournament but right now there really is no meta (other than pick wraith and run the entire game until lvl 3) and honestly the game is unbalanced. You need to start from somewhere.


Weekly Showmatches. The large tournaments can come later, I’m just focusing on the stream that should be utilized more.

After major patches roll out they should consider it.


I think that the 2K or TRS should put up 50% and the community who want the competition put up 50%.

How ever if any one would like to start something I enter and pay a price to enter the competition


Before the e-sport scene can be promoted, Evolve could :

  • Setup a Valid ranking system for daily use. Current leaderboards are just a poor placeholder
  • Fine-tune the game to achieve competitive balance. It’s mostly fin, but I’m sure post launch data will provide them with plenty of metrics to improve balance
  • Setup a smaller esports scene with recurring tournaments and modest cash prizes so that the scene gan build itself (think Go4lol / Go4SC2)
  • Make use of every convention to setup tournaments of some kind.

You have to start SOMEWHERE and build a competitive community before you can move on to the big stuff.