Building New PC - Good enough to stream at Max Settings?


I started building a PC before I had access to this game, I got accepted into the alpha last week and my current PC left something to be desired. Anyways I was curious if the PC I’m currently building will be able to not only Play at Max settings but also stream when the game is released or the NDA lifted. Here are the specs.

Intel i7-4770k
MSI Z87-GD65 Mobo
8 gigs Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 1600
Sapphire R9-290x (1 presently possibly 2 in the future)

Also to the Devs, will I have to resign up for the Alpha with the new computer specs?


An I5 is enough and with he difference you would be wise to invest in another 8gb of mem.


You missed one crucial thing in this post, your ISP data rates.

Streaming, while PC dependent, is also largely dependent upon your ISP and it’s rates.

Furthermore, 8gigs is kind of cutting it close to stream and run a game at max or close to max settings. Odds are you are going to encounter some issues, depending on how high of a resolution you wish to stream at


My current ISP is through Verizon (unlimited data) and my average speeds are 30mbps with peaks of up to 50mbps late at night. I also have a land line ISP that sits at 20mbps.

I can get another box of RAM and up it to 16gb if its needed (4x4gb).


Are those numbers your download or upload speeds?

This is mine. Currently with my PC, I can stream 1080p at 60FPS but it would have to be in sacrifice of running newer games at lower than maximum settings. There really isn’t a huge difference as I see it between 720 and 1080 for the most part, so I typically just keep my stream at 720p, using a bitrate of 3000.


i7 4790k
gtx 770 4gb
16gigs Corsair DDR 2333

I’ve been streaming for about 4 years off and on now, and only recently got back into it having moved and into an area with Fios now. Before I wouldn’t bother trying 1080p with my slower comcast, but now I give it a whirl.


Those are my download my upload varies from 4-8mbps peaks at 12-15 during night hours. Not sure what my landline is at.


Yea my speeds are no where near that fast =( Montana is stuck back a few years in the internet race.


Yeah, with those upload speeds your stream quality would have to be somewhat low.

It would be doable with your current rig, but quality will definitely suffer with the speeds. Luckily ram is inexpensive now a days too and I’d definitely upgrade to 16gigs if serious.

The biggest advice I can give anyone looking to get into streaming right now, is to not get discouraged easy and just look at it as a hobby. Right now, it’s VERY hard to become partnered with Twitch for example since it’s been around for some years now. Becoming an established streamer is no easy feat, and I still view it as just something to do while I play games anyways.

There is a new competitor for Twitch from the creator of called, and with Twitch’s recent changes some people may migrate there.

If you do want to get into streaming, I’d likely sign up on hitbox and stream there instead of Twitch since you would be on hitbox more so from the start than Twitch. Twitch is huge, and it was recently bought by Google too.

The only way to ever make money there as I see it now, is to be a legitimate pro at a game, or already a huge widely known youtuber.

Viewers are very hard to get, and followers are even harder to keep now a days with the already largely established streamers out there who do this for a living with sponsorship and prizes out the bung hole


Thanks for the help and input KabukiTV. I appreciate it.

I was planning on streaming just for fun, no intention of making profit off it. If my ISP rates keep me from streaming at 720p then I probably will forgo with it altogether. I’ll just stick to doing first impressions on youtube.


You can likely stream at 720p with no issues, it’s 1080 where you may struggle with the upload.

If you are curious to see just how different things are, I can turn on my stream and you can check out both settings.

Also, a great document is here, while somewhat older still gives you an idea of things.

Stream Settings Google Doc


I can stream 1080p 60fps perfectly fine with my upload.

Setting the Stream to a Max Bitrate of 3300 (maximum) or 80% of your upload is the ideal setting. Anything over that, it’ll become hard for people to watch if they themselves have a terrible connection. I recommend actually doing 2800 or so and streaming 30 FPS at 720p. It doesn’t look that much different in most games (switch to 1080p for the other ones) and it works well with people having bad internet connections.

For @KabukiTV’s recommendations on getting more RAM, I’d do it just for the fact of it, but you will not need more RAM to simply Stream. As long as you’re not doing more than internet browser + Streaming + Game, you’ll be fine with 8GB of RAM.

Also, straight off Twitch.Tv’s Help Document:

Recommended bitrate for 1080p: 3000-3500
Recommended bitrate for 720p: 1800-2500
Recommended bitrate for 480p: 900-1200
Recommended bitrate for 360p: 600-800
Recommended bitrate for 240p: Up to 500


Come to Texas…It’s pathetic unless you live in Austin, they have Google Fiber :frowning: D/FW has Time Warner and ATT Uverse, which is a joke.


really? because this is mine and i can’t even stream at 720p 60fps. Probably is Comcast’s classic throttling


Really really.

Get a VPN, prevents throttling.


although i’m not going to pretend to be an expert, i think throttling the streaming is Comcast being like oh, you’ve uploaded X amount of data in X amount of time? Slows down upload Where a VPN only prevents when Comcast is like, oh, you’re visiting a competitor to Xfinity? Slows down Internet.


You might be right. It’s just a huge help, and I’ve noticed I have had much faster speeds every since I got it, not to mention the privacy bonus that it includes.

But you should definitely be able to Stream. Try following the Twitch.TV guide and going with 2000 kb/s at minimum and see how things work.


I thought Verizon FIOS has 1:1 ratio with download/upload speeds. Overall nice. I would go for it if i could. how much are you paying? If you don’t mind… I’ll test at home, but i get 98mbps down and 11 up for $76/mo from Comcast… :expressionless: they got better recently but overall their connection quality was poor in my area.

Funny story, i had DSL from Verizon, and had issues with it anytime it was raining. Once a technician came and we spoke for some time and he told me, that even though Fios is in my county, it will never come because Verizon was obligated to put lines to get some tax brakes, but never had to go any further than that. And that was 5 years ago… No Fios in my area still… :frowning: