Building an evolve team


Hello me and a buddy are looking to recruit some people for a competitive team for evolve. We know of a couple tournaments coming up and play on building a team and entering one. I have a background in starcraft broodwar starcraft 2, wc3, dota and tons of other rts or moba type games. Played in MLG ana back in 2013 as a protoss in the open bracket, played off vs some big name players and well made it through to the second round. Definitely a true gamer at heart, and we hope you are too. Requirements to join are
Must be 18 or older
Must have a mic/teamspeak
Must be able to make scheduled practices
Be a team player
Must be mature and able to listen
My steam is add me and ill add you back, We can set up a tryout and if we click and think you can fill the role we will have you join the team. Thanks everyone have a good hunt!


This link should help you out!

There are tons of willing players in this hub. Happy hunting!