Building a Stage 2 monster in a normal map lobby after skipping Arena

Type: Arcade Lobby Bug
Character: Monster
Platform: Stage 2 / PC


  1. Search for a match in Arcade with monster preference
  2. Get into an Arena lobby then successfully skip it
  3. End up in a normal map lobby and get the role of monster

I was searching for a match in Arcade with monster as the 1st preference and after successfully skipping Arena, I got into a normal map (Orbital Drill). I got the monster role and I chose Elder Kraken, then it progressed as if I was building a stage 2 monster for an Arena match, so I could assign 7 ability points. When the match started, I was stage 1 with 4 ability points assigned as expected in a normal map. The biggest problem was that my ability build was all messed up (very far from what I would normally intend for a stage 1 Kelder).