Building a pc to play evolve at highest quality possible(help needed)


I’m new to building a pc so any help i can get will be appreciated. firstly i need to know:

  1. What motherboard is recommended?


Well there are several options. What’s your budget?


haha my budget is shit, i started with this case and was recommended this board…




im confused, i thought recommended settings and such never mention a mother board. only GPU, CPU, RAm and Drive space…


There’s no performance difference between a cheap and high end motherboard, you’re only paying for more features such as the ability to overclock on a more expensive motherboards.

Plus you’re not helping us by saying your budget is “shit” unless you give us an actual numerical value.


Like Slewey said, we’re going to need a dollar amount to make sure we can get you what you need.


i can spend 100.00 on each component?


Tell us how much in TOTAL you want to spend on your PC?


honestly, however much it would cost to run evolve at max setting on pc.


We can’t help you unless you answer our questions, dude. Each component varies in price that we can’t help you with parts unless you tell us how much in total you want to spend on your PC.

So are you wanting to spend like $800-$1000?


Basically do you want to spend $500, $1200 or $2600? There are a lot of builds that can get you max settings, but it depends on what you have to work with.


damn dude! closest to 1200 i guess.


Do you already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS?


moniter and mouse: yes. I prefer a controller, i have the xbox 360’s wired controller


os, i want to go back to windows 7 but if 10 is good(based on your opinion ill go with that i guess)


Will the 360 controller work with Evolve? Cause the game never went to the 360. It went to the One.


well im hoping that you all can tell me that?! i dont want to use a keyboard to play evolve! :frowning:


It should work with W7, it won’t work on W10 I think.

@lRoderick You have a copy of W7 right? I mean you own a disc and key.