Building a computer for the first time


So I’ve decided the best way to go for this game will be the Pc, that being said I’ve always been a console gamer (still probably will be, just not for this game), basically I have no idea how to build a good computer (or what I should look for if I buy one pre built).

I’m reading up on it now but it’s alot to take in, where would be a good place to find out about what I’d need? I know I want an Intel something, but beyond that I have 0 comprehension of what makes a good graphics card, coolant system, cpu etc. If anyone knows a good site (or a good spec for under $1600 (Without keyboard and mouse, already have old ones))

Speaking of my mouse, I have this gaming mouse that I used to use for Warcraft, it’s a “steel Series” will I be able to set functions to the extra buttons for evolve?


The first big question is do you want to buy it already made, or build it yourself. If you are looking to build it yourself, there are a few threads here that have that kind of price range attached to it. will be your friend. If you want it already assembled, for the love of god do NOT get Alienware. It is HORRIBLY expensive for what you get. You are spending a good 25% of your money on a brand name. Find a local PC shop and you’ll get much better deals.


I’ve learned my lesson with AlienWare >.>

Ideally I’d want to be able to choose what parts I want to go into the system, but have it assembled professionally before it’s shipped to me. Going to check out that site you linked, thank :slight_smile:

#4 If you are looking for someone to assemble it this is an ideal site.


Sure thing. It might be worth it to find a local store that would assemble all of the parts for 50-100 bucks and then you order the pieces and bring them to them. Or however a local store would best want to do this. That being said, building a computer isn’t too hard. It’s scary the first time just because you sunk a lot of money in and you don’t want to mess it up, but the only ‘hard’ parts is putting in the CPU, thermal paste, the cooler and then organizing the chords and pinning the right things to the Motherboard.


Honestly building a computer is relatively easy, and a skill worth learning if you can. If I were you just take a look on youtube you’ll find many videos just like this video here. Plus you get to choose the exact parts you need and can save some cash in the long run as well. I would recomend going to as well. It’s a great place to ask people about building a PC and get an idea of what parts you’ll need for your build. You could also PM me if you need help or have any questions.

But if you want a pre-built then I’d go with this iBuypower here.


If you have $1600 to throw around, here is what you want in a Gaming PC:

Intel CPU - Core i5 with Quad Cores. Preferably the 4690 or 4690K if you plan to do overclocking…
Core i7 are more expensive because they have hyper threading, but hyper-threading does not improve gaming performance most of the time.

8GB of RAM. No less then this. More then this is optional, but not really useful unless you plan to run virtual machines. RAM speeds vary, but generally do not affect the game much. 1600 is usually the middle ground between the speeds for DDR3 RAM. 2133 is considered more gaming grade speed, but again, probably would not even notice the difference.

If you get an SSD, it will improve bootup times drastically, like 15 secs to desktop. But will not really improve gaming, just improve load times. So only install things like web browsers and Microsoft Office or Photoshop. Minimum size should be 120-128GB. Preferably 256GB so you have lots of breathing room and can install a game or two to reduce loading times. Anything smaller and you will run out of room quickly.

Hard Drive should be 1TB minimum. 2TB preferable. This is where you will be installing the bulk of your games, random programs, and store your media/photos/music. You might get away with 512GB Hard drive, but you will run out of room fast.

If you are not going to mess around with overclocking, the motherboard you get does not really matter. If you are going to mess around with it get a motherboard with either H87, Z87, H97, or Z97 chipsets. Basically its fancier chips on the board that let you do more with the settings.

PSU for gaming minimum should be something like 500Watts, but it really depends on your load that your other components will draw. But as a rule of thumb, its better to have more then less. So 600-750Watts if you plan to run multiple graphics cards. As long as it is a quality name with good reviews, like Corsair, Antec, EVGA, etc, you should be fine.

Graphics card:
Refer to this chart for how strong a card is compared to others:

Get a graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM, but 3GB or 4GB is more preferable for future proofing.
Something like a GTX 970 from NVIDIA or R9 290 if you prefer AMD.

SLI vs Single graphics cards:
I’m of the school of thought that I prefer a single powerful graphics cards, since not all games support SLI/Crossfire. But games that do support SLI get a nice graphical boost out of it.

And most importantly, I cannot recommend this enough, if you are going to spend that much money on a gaming PC, please buy a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Basically its a battery combined with a surge protector. It keeps your PC running and protected from power fluctuations, lightning strikes, etc.
Something like this:

Make sure you check the amount of Watts it can handle, not the VA. VA is not the same as watts. You probably want something in the 500-750Watt range. The bigger the watts it can handle, the longer it will last if the power goes out.


Post in there how much you have to spend, they are really good at finding, matching, and giving you links to where you can order stuff.

I am at desktop in 5 seconds…


Nice write up only thing i would still concentrate more is the SSD even thou you made all the good points about it. If your budget is is relatively tight and you are considering SSD but you can make a leap in GPU instead lets say gtx760,770 or similiar adm card to gtx970 nvidia or similiar amd card then LEAVE THE SSD OUT and go for the better grafix card every single time.


This. Though an SSD is great, it is not system critical like a GPU is.


I’ve been working with MaddCow to make a computer similar to his

The only parts I am still debating (Unless someone has a really strong argument against another part) are the CPU and operating system. I hear some people say i7 is worth it, but then others like @hostileParadox saying it’s not. Same with Windows 7 vs 8.1, ignoring the weird tablet design they put in (And any other flair) which would support games better? Or is it just personal preference between those two?

I might also upgrade the graphics cards based on advice that’s already been given, but I’m going to wait to decide that until after all bills are paid (just incase I need to dip into my “For video games” fund :stuck_out_tongue:)


The Core i7 helps with things like video editing/Compiling. There have been benchmarks shown that some games do benefit from it, but most don’t.

As for Windows 7 vs 8, I would go with 8 because it is newer, more optimized, official MS support will last longer. Just install Classic Shell to install a start button and disable the metro interface on startup.
I’ve been using windows 8 for a few years and as long as it has that Classic Shell start button installed, it will feel like Windows 7.

If you want to experiment with virtual machines, get 8.1 pro, it comes with Hyper-V hypervisor. Otherwise regular windows 8 will do.


i5s were previously faster than i7s but i7s had more cores, as of the 4000 generation of i7s, the i7s are now faster AND have more cores. If you can afford it no reason not to go with an i7. Main issue is grab a K series of whichever one you go for if possible. It seems that’s what is on your part picker list anyway so no real reason to change that.

I agree with @DTard and @Desperaato on the SSD, drop it and upgrade to a GTX970, you will be making a really substantial upgrade over the GTX760. If this is a gaming computer all your frames are coming from your GPU, that needs to be your strength. You can easily save up and buy a larger SSD later to get the awesome load speeds. But what is the point of loading into an ugly low fps game fast when you can load slower into a better looking game?

Finally, agreeing with @HostileParadox with OS, as much as I HATE 8 from a user perspective it is the way of the future and what I use on new machines even if I haven’t upgraded my main machine yet. Just got to move with the times here, 7 is just to old for new systems now.

Good luck and enjoy the build!


i would like to comment but too drunk to do so atm xD if possible we can talk about his meybe tomorrow xD
short story get i5 in my opinnion atm over the i7 and put that money towards GPU.

If you dissagree with this just remember that the difference with i5 to i7 is really nieche " as in some games benefit from i7 atm" and most dont.

“Too drunk?”


If you have money to burn, you can get a six Core Intel Core i7. Costs about $400. Socket LGA 2011. But if you don’t plan to spend that much on the CPU, for about $200-$250 you can get a powerful quad core i5 CPU.

You have to consider how much you are willing to spend, because once you reach a certain threshold, you may be paying twice the money for something that does not deliver twice the performance. This goes for both CPUs and GPUs.


What do you get atm for the money is the most important question in my opinnion no?
im asking you what do you get atm i5 vs i7 atm? 1-10 fps?

Some good benchmarks would be nice i havent decided anything ont his front amt.


5 dollar product from Stardock has made me adore windows 8. I barely even remember I’m in Windows 8.1.


I’m running classic shell on my Windows 8.1, I could not stand 8 without it lol


Yeah, I know there are ways to fix it and the coding backend is apparently a lot more lite from a resource perspective but I just don’t like it. When I upgrade my motherboard and CPU one day I will grab it though I guess.


Honestly that GPU is terrible compared to other options right now especially for Evolve at that price point. I’d go with an R9 280x, 290 or just wait for the GTX 960 coming out on Jan 22, 2015. I personally have a GTX 970 but it’s a little overkill for 1080p gaming but I love just being able to max everything out with no worry, esp while I live stream. So along with everyone else I feel dropping the SSD and bringing up your GPU to a 280x, 290, GTX 960/970 is a better option in the long run. You can always buy an SSD later if you feel you want to boot everything up quicker.

Also you need to ask yourself if you’re interested in any way with video creation. If you want to stream, play Day Z/Arma, do youtube stuff then buy an i7. If you’re just gaming and gaming only then an i5 is a perfect CPU for your needs.

Also I would change out the PSU to 600W (especially if you’re going with the R9 series of cards, they are very power hungry.) but that’s just a personal preference of mine.