Build Tips For High Level Kraken Play


I’m looking for a good build at stage 2/3 for kraken.

I need something aftershock heavy so I can burst good supports down. I can’t focus fire them like I do with Goliath because my range builds don’t let me do it. Unless I hit stage 3, but I don’t always get that luxury.

Any tips?


Aftershock with 3, Vortex with 3, Mines with 2 and LS with 1 is good for me. The extra point in LS is to force Hunters to waste fuel.


Anything, Kraken is easy sauce


I go S1 0/1/0/2, S2 0/1/3/2, S3 3/1/3/2.


Isn’t one point in Aftershock a waste because so small?


For clearing traps/mines/turrets and for cloaked hunters I would assume.


Thanks, I’ll test this one out


Fought a Caira Hank Hyde Abe Combo

Managed to dish out strikes pretty much everywhere, but the fact that Hank would cloak made it hard to reveal him while in the air.

So what’d happen is he’d heal right back to full health while I take on the rest of his team waiting for his cloak to run out.


I personally like a 2 vortex, 1 mine build stage 1. 3 aftershock stage 2. 3 Lighting strike stage 3.


My Kraken build has always worked for me:

Stage 1: 2 Vortex, 1 Banshee Mines (mainly for buying time for Stage 2)
Stage 2: 3 Aftershock, 2 Vortex, 1 Banshee Mines
Stage 3: 3 Lightning Strike, 3 Aftershock, 2 Vortex, 1 Banshee Mines

At stage 2, you can use Vortex and Banshee Mines to control the hunters (you can Vortex them into a wall, for example) after which you can use Aftershock and melee attacks to burst them down. I like to alternate between melee and ranged combat with this build.

You can do the same thing at Stage 3, but with more options because of Lightning Strike (which usually results in a lot of damage or jetpack fuel burned).

Edit: so basically my build is the same as taskforcem85’s.