Build a Budget PC for Evolve


Hello all,

I thought it would be fun to see what you could come up with in terms of a budget build.

Budget $700 -$750
Mouse keyboard and monitor not included. (unless you’re that good)

Must be a full build (case, power, gpu, cpu, ect.)

It also must be able to run Evolve on recommended settings.

Thanks for reading and participating if you so choose.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
INTEL CPU: Core i7-920
AMD CPU: A8-3870K
ATI VIDEO CARD: Radeon R9 280

P.S. I hope this helps someone. I would tag this if I could.


I’m interested in seeing this as well!


I’m not going to fully spec out a PC because I’d hate to start that precedent, but every time I build out a budget PC I usually go AMD. They have great hardware, and if you’re going budget you won’t be taking advantage of high end Core i7’s triple and quad channel RAM anyways. I tend to like Gigabyte and Asus products (mobo, gfx cards, etc), as well as g.skill in the ram department (again, I am not paid by any of those companies, and I’m sure there are other great companies as well, but these are the companies I’ve had success with in builds I have participated in. Also, I am making these recommendation as a long time PC hobbyist, not as a TRS employee). Power supply I usually go with Corsair, though I’ve had decent luck with Cooler Master as well. Modern PC’s I don’t worry about optical drives, and a budget PC isn’t going to break any overclocking records so I wouldn’t worry about a third party cpu cooler.

To help with performance metrics, guru3d, tomshardware and hardforum are all great sites that have helped me make parts decisions in the past, and pcpartpicker can help you find the cheapest prices from various websites.

The extra stuff (Cool keyboards, mice and monitors) can come after the build and can get built up over time.

Good luck on the build! Picking out parts and building a brand new PC has always been super exciting to me. I’ll be watching to see how it turns out :smile:


CPU: A8-5600K ($90)
GPU: MSI N760-2GD5/OC G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 760 2GB ($220)
MB: ASRock FM2A78M PRO3+ ($56)
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB x2 ($72)
PSU: CORSAIR CS650M 650W 80+ Gold ($95)
HDD: Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB ($55)
Case: Cooler Master N200* - Mid Tower Computer Case ($50) *I used this case for about a year. It can be cramped but it will fit everything you need and keep the air flowing.
Mouse: Logitech G402 ($50)
Headset: Corsair Raptor HS40 7.1 Virtual Surround ($44)

Sub Total Price: $732
My PC Part Picking Fee $18 ;p
Total: $750

All on

  • I used this case for about a year. It can be cramped but it will fit everything you need and keep the air flowing. Pro Tip: I removed the HDD cage and stuck the HDD in th 2.5 drive bay up top to keep both of the 120mm front fans blowing at the CPU and GPU. may have been overkill.


Very nice! all though I’m sure a keyboard is needed more than a headset but other than that this is nice!


If you already have a keyboard and mouse, I’d skip those and get a slightly faster hard disk than a blue (Blacks are pretty good, but a tad more pricey).

You can save up to get neat gaming specific accessories as time goes.


@r00k As a Turtle Rock employee you’ll of course get the final word on this, but i thought a headset would be worth getting for Evolve since sound is so important.


A headset is very nice but in your build you have them getting a mouse but no keyboard. I mean you also left out a screen so I kinda understand what you mean.


I’ve never bought a gaming keyboard so I can’t really speak from experience but my basic keyboard has suited me fine for gaming. However, a gaming mouse is worth it IMO.

I plug my PC into my TV. Assuming you have a TV, you’re set


EDIT: That turned into a large block of text. Tried formatting to make it less offensive. the TL;DR is this:
Not saying don’t get that stuff, just trying to help prioritize what to get right now based on my past experiences. Won’t ring true for everyone, but I can only give input from my point of view

The sound in Evolve is amazing. You will definitely benefit from having a nice sound output device.

HOWEVER: When you’re building a computer, you are building something that is going to last several years, and be used for everything from gaming, to homework, to job work, to online banking. While you can replace parts here and there, it’s best to start out with the best foundation possible so you can keep your upgrades minimal through out the years.

Additionally, not everyone is a computer building hobbyist that loves tearing their computer apart every couple months to make an upgrade. Heck, I’m a computer building hobbyist and I avoid taking my computer apart like the plague.

Things that are external to the tower are easy to upgrade, and can sometimes run expensive. While the age old adage of “You get what you pay for” doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive item is the best, it generally means that putting out a little extra on them can increase user experience.

Because of all of that, I typically recommend building the computer itself (everything in the tower) with the best stuff you can afford. While a TV generally makes a bad PC gaming display (they have much high response times and are typically meant to be viewed from further away than a PC display normally is), it works for a while so that you can save up for a better monitor later. Gaming keyboards, gaming mice, etc, all work much better than the 10 dollar generic keyboards and mice you can get, but the cheap interface devices work fine while you save up for something fancy. Same for cheap speakers vs. high end surround simulating headset.

All of those things are REALLY easy to replace or install. You get a better hard drive and it will take you forever to build up the willpower to migrate all of your data over and reinstall the OS and all that. I’ve had a 1TB SSD sitting on my desk for months to replace 500GB SSD raid I use for my gaming drive. Even as a hobbyist that sounds like a terrible way to spend my day.


Comes in Just under $750 After shipping.
Like $742.
And if you do the rebates, comes closer to $700.


Good call. I always forget to include a copy of windows in my builds :frowning:


That’s always the first thing I throw in. Gotta remind yourself you are down $100 to start with :stuck_out_tongue:


Hostile! I like that build. even added windows. That’s the lowest one so far. Only thing you have and i5 not 7 but I’m sure it’s w/e.


I like this set up better, the 8GB of RAM will help since programs and web browsing take up more these days. I only have 6GB and sometimes and at like 80% capacity on my RAM usage.


Here’s what I manage to come up with.


Um… I think you’re missing RAM.
And a hard drive.
And your motherboard is LGA1155, and your CPU is LGA1150.
A Corei7 is overkill. A Haswell Core i5 will handle any game just fine.


Oops yeah its all in my wishlist because I have other stuff in my cart. I forgot to push it over. one sec. and good catch on the mobo cpu.

I had to shed the windows but here it is.


I’d recommend to start here


That’s very cool! I made this to see what people could come up with but that generator is really nice. Thanks for sharing.