BUGVOLVE today ... leaving scores as loss now?

Uhh… this evening I am experiencing enormous amount of bugs … :confused:

  1. got connected as “invisible” monster with 2 bars of health (total) and 2 bars of armor - both EMPTY, except tiny piece of health
  2. suddenly during fight hunters got frozen and Markov’s lightning was on me wherever I moved around the map (I could move, but not to do anything else)
  3. after evolving to stage 2 I could not get any armor when feeding with wildlife
    (three different matches)

BTW, I noticed my WLR got decreased - as if I scored 3 losses (though no deaths were counted).
Does it mean that leaving match got modified and is now counting as loss ?
(hopefully yes! - but errr… fix the bugs plz)

Yes, leaving now causes a loss. Sorry to hear about the bugs tho :frowning:

Good news! :+1:

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