Bugs when playing


I have noticed a few bugs that make this game VERY annoying to play. While it is an amazingly fun game these bugs are extremely frustrating.
I play on Windows 7 with the Steam version of Evolve.

  1. My cursor is always on screen in the game. It doesnt do anything but it should not be there.

  2. Often when I am playing with friends and join a queue it will boot members of the party when we join a game, the only way to get the group back together is to leave the queue and remake the whole party. This happens up to 50% of the games at certain times.

  3. The worst bug is very often in a game (5-20 times per game). The health bar and all other icons that show up on the hud (like the skulls or daisy) disappear. When this happens I cannot see how close to death my team is or where they are unless I use the minimap. This has caused me to lose several games when it happens in the middle of the fight as the medic. To solve this problem I have to shift tab to the steam interface and come back and it will fix it momentarily. Then in about 5 min all the information disappears again.


I got 1 as well on occasion, not the worst though, as I have nr 3 to. Happens a lot when I play monster, but just had it to when I played Val, and couldnt see anyone health. This is a really gamebreaking bug when it happens. Seems to be followed by my mousepointer disapperaing completely after the match