Bugs we encountered playing


1: Kraken got full health during a evolve back. he had a sliver of health evolved right in front of us and just as we killed wouldve killed him he got his full health back.

2: as Goliath i get some insane speed boost sometimes --> no lags ( seems to happen when i rub myself on trees ^^ ) it happens quite often for me

3: Hanks animations didnt load in the dropship couldnt climb ledges (was getting stuck on them) the whole game —> happend 1 time in 25 game hours

4: was in a premade in matchmaking got in the game as kraken…evolved had 3 skillpoints to spend lost the points from level 1 after that i evolved to level 3 and had 4 skill points to spend

5: buddys pc froze during matchmaking and he lost the progress he made that day ------->he didnt log out once that day