Bugs or things ive seen


just some things ive noticed hoping it will help, all these are on xbox one

markovs lightning gun is real wonkey with the aim ill be infront of the monster and it wont lock as if nothing is in front of it, happens sometimes, other people i talked to experienced the same things.

while playing abe in solo the tracking darts didnt work at all couple times, thought i was missing them until a wildlife stopped and i shot into it 3 times with nothing happening.

abe ai in solo playing with him doesnt dart animals only the monster when i play with him.

shadow glitch on aviary i notice i think this is a known thing though

the hippie glitch that makes the character select screen into weird colors and weird images already talked about in my other thread i made.

so those are some things i noticed off the top of my head i can remember, love the game just want to help and let people know some things i found and hopefully will be fixed or are fixed and maybe these just rare occurences