Bugs I've found in the full game so far. PC Edition


Before anything I want to say that the few times I’ve been allowed to actually play a match it’s been amazing so I hope these can be fixed soon so everyone can enjoy the game. :smiley:
The 2 huge game breaking bugs I’ve found so far are that occasionally it’ll keep you in the dropship and you’ll fly off out of the map, during this time my team says I’m just floating in the air above where they dropped. I can still hear my team’s voice chat and they can hear mine perfectly as well. The other bug, and the far more common one, is that in some games everything will just stop. I can still move around, and once again I can talk to my team fine but they all stop in place, including the monster and the wildlife. They say I’m just standing still on their screens, both of these bugs I’ve found, can only be escaped by leaving the game which is very annoying. Also there is likely some issue with optimization as I’ve found I can only play on low settings with 10-50 FPS despite having a mid-high tier machine, other people with better computers are also reporting this issue as well including one curious case where someone with a worse computer that could barely run beta is getting higher FPS then all of us. I hope everyone continues to post any bugs found here so that the Devs can see and address them! :smiley: