Bugs I've experienced so far


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Rendering Plant : http://i.imgur.com/ZmwUqbl.jpg8 (No map) Wall you cannot climb up with jet pack climb.
Location : http://imgur.com/Pkzl3NW.jpg5 (With Map) (Red Lines Show Blocked Paths)

Abilities Blocked in Monster Picking Screen : http://imgur.com/kqJeTxs.jpg5

Main Menu/Menus : No Mouse Cursor, discovered a fix that works most of the time by opening the Steam Overlay(Shift-Tab) then hitting Escape.


Please search for threads… there is easily 100 other threads like this. It helps your response be seen and stops the forum from being cluttered.


You referred me to a thread that is closed, and a post made by the Mod that closed my previous Thread instead of simply asking me to change my title


There. Is. A million. Other. Threads. With the exact. Same. Topic.



If you do not understand what he is saying then you are evidently too incompetent to help yourself. As you said, this is a common problem, so…



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cool, thanks.