Bugs I've Encountered So Far


On Xbox One

When in Skirmish, we got into a defend match somehow? (Skirmish is supposed to be just Hunt right?)

I’ve gotten into a game where I could only spectate. All the slots were filled so I was basically in spectate mode.

Too many sessions bug is still around. Ive had to quit the game and restart 5 times.

Game crashes to Dashboard. Happened once.

Characters still fall into the map.

Lighting and shadow issues where certain aspects freeze and stay there as I play.

I’ve gotten a Context Corruption error when going into matchmaking.

Cabot’s damage amp bugged out and I couldn’t use it the whole match.

Game chat is still a little screwy. Me and my friends will go into matchmaking and when we get into a lobby, sometimes certain people can’t hear or talk to others in the team.

Alright, I think that’s all I can think of. The game is phenomenal and these issues are to be expected and I’m 100% sure TRS will fix them in due time.


Also on X1, the only thing I’ve really noticed is some wildlife spawning under the map.

Oh, and in a game where I took over a bot, we had the fun of … Invisible Goliath! He won because … well, because we couldn’t see him. His victory screen was just a plume of fire spitting into the air with no creature visible.


I had that happen to me in the beta.


when i go to EXTRA to check videos on PC the sound doesnt start, there is just no sound


Some of the most interesting bugs happen when you’re forced into spectating and then someone leaves. I had two matches where I appeared in the dropship as an Ebonstar soldier. After spawning, I only had three abilities: Parnell’s shotgun, Hyde’s minigun and the personal shield. I actually really liked that combo, we won in any case. Oh and after the match I got credit for being support. So definitely an odd one.