Bugs I've encountered. PC


I cannot provide logs of when these happened, so I know this does nothing but give a general idea of where the bugs are. Even so, I know they’ll be addressed at some point.

While playing Monster, on three occasions, one of the Hunters didn’t respawn as they should have (ie. a Trapper spawning as an Assault). My most recent game had an Abe die and be reborn as a 2nd Purple Nametagged Assault.
All three times, the bugged hunter showed with a Purple name tag.

Medics rarely seem to be unable to actually heal. Heal bursts, medi-gun, etc. don’t actually heal. This is a rare bug, but others I’ve played with have had it too.

A monster can abuse a strained connection to exploit infinite Stamina uses. Example: I was Wraith, someone else was downloading in the house, my connection was poor. I was already in the game, so I wanted to finish it. Eating took about 5 seconds to activate, melee attacks got frozen mid-animation, typical laggy stuff that can only be blamed on my bandwidth being used by others. That’s normal. Network connectivity may effect gameplay… in more ways than that. In an “Oh Shit” moment of the hunters getting close, I begin to Warp away… 5 warps later, my Stamina is still 3 bars… 20 warps later, on the other side of the map within 12 seconds, I have 2 stamina bars.
Towards the end of the game, Stage 3, they had me dome’d at the Power Relay, so I repeatedly Warped in a circle like a vulture endlessly above them. It was fun for me, but this is a game-breaking bug. If something isn’t changed to address this, some players could fiddle with their network to enable infinite Stamina bars.

Mouse cursor disappearing/staying, the already known bug. I find it annoying.