Bugs in games

Yeah and also these bugs are pretty bad if you could fix them it would be great. When the game is already going sometimes it lags and it won’t work again the only way how to fix it is to disconnect from that game. I also have some pictures how it looks:

and this was the last what I saw … I could move but everything else was standing on the same place and people could use chat …

Yeah disconnects is hardly attributed to the game and isn’t therefore a bug.

A bug is something that anyone with the same build of the game can encounter if the right reproduction steps are provided.

However, I never had a disconnect before and reason for this is because a disconnect has many external causes. Things like ISP, having the right NAT type, making sure all available PORTs are open, UPnP is enabled, and so on.

As such, please check the following post here for some network troubleshooting links:

Other than that, disconnects can also happen on the hosts end and there isn’t much you can do about it.

thank you anyway.

Re-Categorised to Bugs, because even though DCs aren’t a bug, the OP made a bug report for in-game and not the forums.

Hope you don’t mind.

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