Bugs I'm finding really annoying (PC)


Crashing a lot (all drivers up to date) - randomly, but usually within the first two minutes
Falling through the map (only twice, still very annoying)
Weapon switch option disappeared (I would upload a screenshot of this but I can’t)
Cursor stays on screen during play (without shift tab)
AI team attack tagged animals (Abe)
AI stay with Bucket whilst UAVing
AI sometimes stays still in the middle of two players who have split up
AI Daisy sometimes just stands still doing nothing
General connectivity issues in evacuation
Strange end screen in evacuation (unknown, $NaN, etc)
Stunted/delayed conversations between characters (“What’s your name again?” …2 mins… “Valerie”)

I’m enjoying the game a lot but it’s really frustrating due to the pure number of crashes. Quite often we’d be doing really well in evacuation, then one player’s game would crash and then we’d all end up getting disconnected.


When i play monster i notice ill suddenly burst into 500 mph bursts as goliath, it looks like speed hack or rubber banding its so fast, it lasts anywhere from 5-10 seconds. its really anoying because you have a hard time hitting the hunters when your sliding around like that.