Bugs I found in Defend that might be giving Monster a unintended advantage


Early today when playing a match of defend I noticed that the medic’s heal burst heals the monsters minions as well, I don’t know if this also applies to Caira’s Grenades but I know that Val’s Heal Burst does give them hp. I haven’t tried it on nest to see if it heals the minion there as well but it might. Also Bucket’s Sentries seem to do a bit less damage on Defend too, but that might be intended.

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

Wow I didn’t know about the heal burst, I doubt that’s intended lol


I’ve tested this with Caira on Defend in New Calico. The minions were not healed by either her launcher or by Healing Burst.


Definitely not the case. I’ll test myself when I get home but there’s no way lol.

Now I do have a suspicion that the minions are sometimes, sometimes invincible when beating on the smaller generators…


it’s not just the minion; there’s some series of effects that happens that renders hunter damage to 0 until another effect overlaps it.


YEA! And I don’t know what! Before anyone says they probably have armor I only notice it on games where they don’t have armor because I’m not looking for it in games where they do have armor for that very reason.


I found the bug on the Salveron map with Val in a custom, no idea if it was a one-off thing or not but it definitely was healing them with the burst.