Bugs, anger, etc

  1. Играл на Санни. Монстр ударил меня и в этот момент исчез. Прямо на месте. Вероятно провалился под карту.

  2. На следующей карте этот монстр уже начал игру летая по карте. Т.е. в прямом смысле этого слова.

  3. Не баг, но Бегемот ВООБЩЕ не двигается в бою. Как им играть, если у него нулевая подвижность? Когда я сказал нулевая, это значит что он вообще почти стоит на месте. 1 км он будет проходить часов 10.

  4. В очереди у меня стоят охотники -> монстр. 2 раза подрят я играл сраным монстром. Как так? Где ваша обещанная система очередности игр? Почему я должен играть монстром, если я покупал игру не ради того, чтобы им играть?

  5. Play on Sunny. Monster hit me and at that moment was gone. Right on the spot. Probably fell through the map.

  6. The following map this monster has already started flying on the game map. Ie in the truest sense of the word.

  7. Do not bug, but Behemoth do not move in battle. As they play, if he has zero mobility? When I said zero, it means that he is almost standing still. 1 km, it will take 10 hours.

  8. In the queue I stand hunters-> monster. 2 times I played undermining shit monster. How come? Where is your promised a system of prioritization of games? Why should I play the monster, if I do not buy the game in order to play them?

Used Google Translate, because you do not respect players PC and transfer the new maps a month later. And because it takes place in your game that I wrote under paragraphs №4.

I waited your game for so long and you just give a shit into my soul.

  1. It’s a well-known bug for either Hunters or Monsters to fall through the map. Developers are working on it.
  2. Can you rephrase this? Google Translate did not help. Use less but more direct words.
  3. Behemoth is indeed slow when fighting.
  4. Developers are looking to make changes to matchmaking to make favor people’s choices more often than it does now.

  1. I suggested that he fell through the map. I do not know what happened, he just disappeared.
  2. On the next map, same monster (when we dropped from the ship) just flies. Then he left the match. It was about 10 secs from mach start.
  3. Game gave me Monster 4 times in a row. 4 times. When i have Support->Med->Trapp->Assult->MONSTER. The last of the last. Maybe I have a psychological problems and I just simply can not play for a monster.
  4. During the game I disconnected because “You are disconnected from Steam profile” (or something like that). But I did not lose the connection with my Steam profile. It was in the game.