Bugs and things that could be improved



Ok, so here im going to list the bugs that i’ve encountered so far, and then what i think really could do with improving.

Bugs wise i have not encountered much, accept the one where when i try to play with my friend, and unless our class preferences are very specific (such as me monster and him assault) I or him get kicked from the lobby because its full, so it keep finding lobby’s that only have 1 space or one of us get kicked.

And here are some suggestions:
The store REALLY needs a make over. When i’m buying a character I want to know what class they are and what weapons the have. How am I supposed to decide what I want to get if I don’t know which one is what class and what weapons they have, which is the thing that changes the gameplay for different characters of the same class.
This also goes with perks, I want to see what perks are available for that character/class.

Monsters and Hunters needs to be balanced. Monsters get annihilated wayyyyy to fast. and if the hunters keep on your trail decently, then you are absolutely screwed as you NEVER have time to eat, and so you get killed before you evolve, you are lucky if you get to stage 2. So either nerf the hunters a bit, or make the monster move faster/have more stamina.

Would be nice if you could set more with preferences, as in if you could choose choose what character you want with each class and what perks, so you don’t have to sit in lobby for a while to select what you want and wait for others to decide what they want.


What exactly do you mean with which perks are available for that chracter/class All Monsters/hunters doch have the same perks