Bugs and Glitches on Xbox One

There has been a number of issues on Evolve in the last 2 months for me. The first issue is not being able to pick up downed hunters which is rumored to be caused by using the health regeneration perk in some way. I have lost 10 matches easily by now because of not being able to revive people. I’m sure everyone has noticed how slow the servers have been lately especially when partied up with any number of people. Although I have a bigger problem with the party system lately where everyone but the party leader gets in a game and then the party leader has to quit out of the game or pull everyone else out of the game and waste another 10+ minutes searching for players. I have heard rumors of some of the other support players saying that they couldn’t pop the cloak in some games, but I can’t verify that as that hasn’t happened to me yet. Playing as the behemoth has become tricky because when trying to roll I get stuck on invisible barriers everywhere and I can’t move which can easily lead to a lose. If anyone has any other problems they would like to report, I highly encourage you do.