Buggy control of monsters and players due to delay?


I do not know, if theres allready a topic like that, but sometimes the control seems buggy.

As Kracken I was not able to move lightningstrike. Attacks where not done.

As Val trying to avoid an incoming monster, sometimes I cant climb over some rock edges, it dosent “grab” them so I can’t get over them.
This seems odd, becaus I cannot escape properly. Often midair I get attackt by kracken or bea but they are miles away.

I had just a game where I tried to run, I wanted to climp save rockes, but I did not come ofer the edge (fuel was sill there). So its seems, that somehow, sometimes the netcode is weak, delay causing me to

a) I donnot hit a welltargeted monster with val if sight is clear and monster is more than 60m away
b) I need under a’s condition often 3-6 shoots, till game recoc my hits
c) as monster: it often does not the attack I was lunching. After delay it does but its more than normal cooldown.
d) I cannot grap sometimes the escaping rock, but I get hit by monster, although there is not an attack lunched (yet)
e) While I was flying over an rolling beamoth I get backpounced and hit, althogh I allready flewed over it.

I thing these a connection issues. Anyone exper. similar?

The "I don't wanna climb" bug - Hunters

Juhu, this is me left behind. No 1 answering. No1 else feels the same?!



Obviously nobody has had similar problems if nobody is responding… :s
I know it’s gonna sound pretty blunt but have you tried restarting your router/talking with your internet provider or something? Can’t really do anything about your lag, only you can do something about it, and then perhaps things will react properly.


It’s not that we haven’t experienced things like these, it’s that there’s nothing we can do about them. Lag will always be there when playing online. As far as latency goes, Evolve is amazing compared to a large number of other online games out there.

Just gotta live with it I guess.