Buggy Climbing?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wDxwTNLGCI (1:56)
Just posting this here incase the dev’s hadn’t see in. This happened a few times in the alpha. Most the time, you can climb, but sometimes it just wouldn’t happen


Same thing happened in my video here.

Link starts right when it happens, but it starts at 2:18. Even if I dropped to the ground and climbed up again it was still there.

I would like to add that even with over 70 monster games played, this was the only time I had this happen to me.


Sometimes I would have this problem if I climbed a wall too close to the sheer part where it was not climbable as well. I’d have to jump down or climb slowly sideways.


Blame the water of the water fall ;p


You could climb waterfalls?

/facepalm - love watching the Alpha player videos - learning what a noob I was during Alpha, and still LOVED IT :smile:


I climbed it before :stuck_out_tongue:


I did too, several times…no problem that I noticed. Maybe the mechanics were interfering with one another or something. The movement of water in that spot didn’t load right with the wall or something.


I observed this on several different games when I played during the alpha. I learned to never try and climb that waterfall and instead always climb the shorter walls on either side of it.


Weird, I climbed up it several times once I realized that I could lose Daisy following me through the water. Whenever that map would pop with Maggie I almost always would go up that damn and then circle back towards the chain link fence area where there were generally a good deal of 3 Meatosauruses.