Buggy Behemoth? Walls and fissure freeze


So I just wanted to bring to light some buggyness with Mr. Behemoth. Whenever I cast a wall, half the time the wall will not form or will immediately fall down. Additionally I have had the bug where I freeze the game if I fissure a target recently after I have been domed. Hope a fix is in the future and hope they work out the kinks with the wall cause it is hella buggy. Also is it intentional that you can never pan your screen when casting fissure and lava spit? I know the other monsters can aim their abilities as they are being casted. Is it intentional that the behemoth can not also change his spot for lava spit after the cast starts? Kinda makes it impossible to hit anyone with.


I believe the wall must be placed a certain distance out in front of you or else it will not form.

But then there are those times when that one crack is open for whatever crummy reason…


Make sure you know where you’re aiming the wall. The wall will not form if certain structures or incapacitated hunters are in the way, it’ll shoot up and then come down where the obstruction is. The same thing happens if Behemoth is too close to the wall when you cast it as well, so make sure you’re aiming ahead of Behemoth, and not right at your feet or anything.

As for the times the wall doesn’t come up at all, I can’t confirm it, but from personal experience it seems like attacks from hunters that do enough damage stop Behemoth from forming the wall, while still making you go through the codlin period. Whether or not this is intentional or a bug, I don’t know.

Fissure causing your game to freeze sounds like a regular bug, I haven’t had that issue myself.

Behemoth seems to have some aiming with his abilities as he casts them, but it’s definitely less than the other monsters, probably because he’s the ‘giant, slow-moving’ character. You have to make sure you know where you want to fire as you cast it.