Bugger...Whats the word for Insurgency's aiming system?


If you don’t have insurgency, I believe Red Orchestra used it as well.

Really can’t remember, basically the recital in the center of the screen floats in an invisible square that once you reach the edges, begins to move your POV around.

I was curious how something like the flame thrower, or maybe some other sort of weapon would feel using such a system.

Personally I’m quite a fan of it…especially with lazer sights (gives a bit more of a loose gun feel), and getting caught in close quarters feels really interesting.The responses to situations is just novel enough to make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable with trusting your gun, or your response time.

As well now instead of a dot in the center of your screen you have a dot in the world of the game, and its another piece of visual information thats out there that can have counter play…bit of immersion and interesting information you have to toy with… you can’t have your gun ready if you want that information to be hidden, but you also want to have a quick response to stimuli…

I just really enjoy that whole situation.

Anywho I thought it might make for an interesting way to create a novel difference in one hunter’s kit from another’s, and figured hey…maybe suggesting you guys tinker with it on something.


It was called free-aim system. I am not sure something like that would be appropriate for this game. Evolve is an action shooter where you shoot a big monster. Developing a free aim system would be wasted on this game I feel. While insurgency and red orchestra’s appeal is being a realistic military shooter, so it made sense to have it there.


Eh, I guess it depends on who you’re developing it for.

I don’t think it would specifically be good for hunters in this design (only), but I could envision a monster ability that basically works a bit like that…some sort of slime/puker thing where you want the speed of the creature to be slower, and have that sort of rumbling bile-jiggling sense of disgusting-ness to really feel thematic.

As far as it being tough to implement or being costly, it just depends.

If you can make a truly unique character that feels really cool to play, and also has some fun gun or useful utility that the aiming system specifically really really works well on, then you’ve got a decent reason to implement it.

IMO its more of a design thing. Is there x thing we can do with this system that would be hard to do without? Maybe you want the character to lock down become slow, and really change their movement speed in a very high impact way and you want to change the mechanic of how you aim a gun while this is going on to create heavier impact and change a skill ceiling (harder to turn)/ create a very high contrast with the weapons other form. etc.

It just depends.


That’s interesting. I’ve never tried a system like that. Could work well for certain weapons.


Might make for an interesting recoil system for a weapon.

Maybe have it grow (the zone in the middle of the screen) as a certain weapon is being fired.

Maybe an aim assist thing over heats after a certain period of time, and now you’re firing some sorta lazer, or shredding with some sorta flechette gun and now its sorta free swinging with recoil and its no longer as simple as keeping your screen centered as the weapon jumps…

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Forgot this would work perfectly well for the Kraken’s Lightning bolt.

The disorientation caused by jittering thumbsticks and or the limitations it puts on the monster’s positioning/ ability to turn while aiming… its a right proppa fit.