Bugged Caira Global Averages


Hi all-
I’ve noticed this mentioned before but wanted to bring it up in hopes of it eventually being addressed. For whatever reason, it seems the global post game averages for Caira are bugged; the health launcher number (and occasionally the speed boost number) are listed as some negative number (which is, ya know, impossible). What’s going on here? Any chance we’re going to get accurate numbers at some point? I want to know how much I’m crushing the global averages with my constant health nade spam :wink:


(Oh and for the record, I’m on the XBOne, in case its a console specific issue)


Global numbers for all characters is bugged on all platforms as far as I know. It is known.


any chance of it being fixed, or are they just going to give up on it?


I’m not a dev. Besides, word is the boards are being reset whenever ranked leaderboards happen. Global averages aren’t really all that useful as any kind of metric anyways, so it’s not a problem if they just removed it.


Frankly I find them to be the only post-game numbers worth reading; everything else is just “good for you, here are a bunch of meaningless awards to make you feel like you’re getting better over time.” I want to know how I’m stalking up against other people running the same class. Of course the glaring problem is that the averages don’t account for how long the match was… Oh damn that would be such a great improvement! That’s what they should do!