Bug with griffen harpoon vs kraken


Griffen harpoon does not bring the kraken to the ground, it also will insta break if harpooning on the face of the kraken.


What is your platform?

It does work for me on PC.

Also, make sure you are on the ground, if you are flying or jumping harpoon won’t work as intended (you are not anchored).
Another thing, shooting harpoon to the face of monster is a bad idea, Kraken most likely is spamming all of his skills and auto attack, each simple attack destroys your harpoon and he just needs to look in that direction to do that.


As someone who plays Kraken, the instabreak to the front is probably the Kraken attacking.


I’m on pc, I’m on the ground, He was not attacking or moving(grouped with a friend to test it) if he is really far away and I land a tether, it will leash him to me like a fishing rod. It will not pull him out of the sky. No attacking. Breaks instant it touches his face, can tether the leg area and it wont insta break. backside can tether but will not pull out of sky.


Works as intended… how did you think harpoons work? They pull you back, they don’t make target gain some magic weight to pull it down.
You are on the ground, he is flying, when harpooned he is being pulled out of the sky to the ground.