Bug while playing as Lazarus


Anyone notice when you are playing as lazarus and the monster kills someone their body warps half way across the map and you have to go all the way over there to revive them. It’s extremely frustrating especially when fighting a stage 3 at the relay.


24th Assault confirmed Lazarua. Lol, jk jk.

Honestly man, no odd what you’re talking about. I have yet to have this happen to me. What system are you playing Evolve on?


Jup, same problem. I had it happen 2 matches in a row. Body would dissapear when he went “dead-dead” and you get the lazarus device icon display on how much time you have to rez him, but the body would be 1200meters away… Sometimes it would be down below in the map itself(so no way to rez him), and another time it would be somewhere on the map a few 100 meters away…

Really game breaking bug for lazarus, since it’s his main function :confused:

I play on pc/steam