Bug while picking Hyde


When I began picking Hyde, my screen flashed black, and then acted as though I had selected him and readied. But I was still in the selection screen, after I was readied, and got this.

And the ship flew off into the distance. ^.-


It’s 5th hunter. Her name is Laurie Ann.


It’s pretty strange though… Not had it happen to me before.


Happened to me once, but my graphics card is kinda bugged so yeah.


I’ve not had any problems with my graphics card.


Nah, im having this old nvidia issue, that makes all the games crash, still hasn’t been fixed.


Yay, Im glad this bug is still around. It is super trippy. And it happened to me on xbox.


I think we just found Amelia Earhart.


That happened to me in XboxOne and you can see clearly it’s the cargo ship flying around


Laurie Anne, not “Laurie Ann.” :wink:


The Ghost of Cabot’s wife is the 5th assault.
@MacMan can confirm this.




Hahahaha, that guy is tripping.


I had this happen to me one time after the monster left, and one other person also had this happen after the monster left too


Similar bug.


Seemed to have been triggered by the person leaving which glitched out the lobby for a second.