Bug while Evolving


Hey there! So I found a bit of a bug while Evolving - I got to the Evolve screen (where you pick perks), and suddenly I couldn’t click anything.

There’s the video showing what happens beforehand, plus some kind of quiet commentary.






I’ve seen this happen twice since the Stage 2 release. Both times I’ve seen it, it involved spawning decoy then evolving. I bugged it but QA wasn’t able to reproduce it. This video should help them reproduce it so we can find it and take care of it! Thank you!


Glad to help! And yeah, Shadowplay’s ability to record into the past is just fantastic. Cheers!


Shadowplay is love. Shadowplay is life.

I’ve updated the bug with a reference to your video. Thanks again!


Thanks for the video this will help us we have a bug in for this issue. I will link this to the bug we have Thanks.


Any chance you could ping me a link to the original thread? Thanks!


I don’t recall another topic like this, he may be speaking about something internal.


Ah, thank you!