Bug when the AI plays as Gorgon- solo mode [PC]



I just finished a game against AI gorgon, and the AI did absolutely nothing the whole 20 minutes.
He triggered no birds, ate nothing and … well, i didnt see him the whole game. I went through the whole map with trapper ( crow ) and nothing. I think the monster was not in game, or … was clinging to a wall, and just waiting there the whole game.


I’m assuming it was the same as this bug?

What platform was this, and was it solo :P?


I also found this bug before on fusion plant
I think Gorgon AI sometime drop through terrain but sometimes her upper part doesnt get through the floor so… I think this picture already explain this bug


Well, it kind of explains what


Jup, it was solo and on PC.
I think @FeelGoodINC picture may be the explanation. I did zig-zag through the map with goby for 20 minutes, but didnt find it. Maybe he was just in hard to find corner.

To avoid such monster disappearing problems, i think the game should have auto - reveal feature for the monster. E.g if he doesnt move for “n” steps, then he gets tagged and revealed. Both in AI games or against humans.


Alright, cool. I’m gonna add the platform to the title so it’s a lil’ more clear :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds more likely that the monster dropped through the map. I have had this happen in pvp match with Gorgon. Especially since you couldn’t find it with Gobi.


It has happened to me as well. I have fallen through the map, but in that case, the match will end and the monster will lose ( because he left the map ).


Well known bug, I believe. AI Gorgon has a nasty tendency to fall through the world. For some reason the AI takes no damage at the world boundaries :confused:


Yea in the game I played the Gorgon fell through the map, but did not die. I was playing Jack and used my Satellite Scanner. It kept saying the monster was right in front of me, but also that it was like 90 meters away. I then realized that the monster was 90 meters below me. We just voted to restart the match since otherwise we would have to wait for the timer to expire.


Ah, once I played against her and she was nowhere to be found, this could have been it. Could the AI make her just stick somewhere and wait for hunters to pass under her? I mean, it makes sense and all, but clearly it isn’t working right.